Razor Scooter Winners Announced

By MLombard

r2.gifThe Razor Scooter contest is over and the results are in. As promised, 10 winners have been announced.

The 42 entries were judged on four categories: manufacturability, design thinking, creativity, and presentation.

r3.jpgFirst place went to Jonathan Brazeau, second to Jake Shannon, and third to Kiwano.

Judges for the contest included two people from Razor, Al Dean of Develop 3D, Josh Mings (SolidSmack) of Luxion, and our very own Dan Staples.


The designs seem to include a range from fanciful to practical. You can download some of the models to see how detailed they are.

Next time maybe you should throw your hat into the ring. The modeling isn’t that difficult, and it would be a great way to practice doing some real rendering.


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