Unleashing Digitalization: DAB Pumps and Siemens Forge Ahead with Mendix

Explore the transformative journey of DAB Pumps and Siemens as they elevate digitalization through the Mendix UI low-code platform, enhancing UX while optimizing processes and reducing costs.

Siemens and Mendix recognized as Leaders in manufacturing execution systems and low-code application development

To thrive in today’s market, manufacturers need a high degree of adaptability and flexibility. Consumer demands are becoming increasingly complex,…

Maximize manufacturing efficiency and flexibility with personalized and adaptable manufacturing execution system software

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Opcenter Execution Electronics

Introducing a Game-Changing Webinar: Revolutionizing User Experience for Electronics Manufacturers

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Opcenter Execution Semiconductor 2310

What’s new in Opcenter Execution Semiconductor 2310

Delivering improved user experience and executional excellence We are excited to announce that the latest version of Opcenter Execution Semiconductor…

Opcenter Execution Electronics

What’s new in Opcenter Execution Electronics 2310

Using Mendix to deliver role-based and low-code electronics manufacturing applications and features We are excited to announce that the latest…


Reactions from the field: Personalize your MES with the power of low-code

It is well known that a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides a significant advantage in planning and manufacturing. Increasing complexity,…

Worker looking at a laptop screen that contains a personalized user interface for their mes software.

A personalized user experience (UX) maximizes MES value

Unlock manufacturing productivity with personalized user experiences (UX). This blog post explores how UX personalization, combined with low code technology, empowers non-IT specialists to customize user interfaces for maximum efficiency.


Unleashing the potential of low-code applications in the automotive industry

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