Unleashing Digitalization: DAB Pumps and Siemens Forge Ahead with Mendix

By Claudia Basso

In today’s fast-paced digital world, companies are continuously seeking innovative solutions to streamline their processes and enhance user experiences. One remarkable collaboration that deserves attention is the partnership between DAB Pumps and Siemens, two industry leaders committed to driving digitalization to new heights. This blog post will delve into their ongoing journey towards digitalization and shed light on the latest evolution of their collaboration. With a focus on the unified user experience (UX), we will explore the benefits that have emerged from their implementation of Siemens UI low-code development platform, Mendix.

DAB Pumps identified several challenges before embracing a UI low-code development platform to enhance their UX. The foremost challenge was the need to provide operators and line leaders with a simplified and efficient interface, replacing the existing production line UX (built upon an obsolete technology) yet maintaining the same look and feel and functionality to minimize workforce re-training and change management. They had to ensure smooth interactions with the software while maintaining their customization options. Without a low-code approach, this would have led to the code rewrite of custom applications, resulting in longer development times and increased costs.

To address these challenges, DAB Pumps leveraged their long-term partnership with Siemens and Industries eXcellence (Siemens Smart Expert Partner) and looked for a solution that would reduce costs and minimize development time, while improving flexibility during system upgrades. The most cost effective and efficient outcome was the decision to upgrade their existing MES system, Opcenter Execution Foundation, to the latest release that natively embeds Mendix low code technology. In this way, DAB Pumps was able to introduce new features seamlessly, significantly reducing the limitations during system upgrades. This not only optimized development processes but also enhanced overall productivity.

A pair of screen shots showing Opcenter Execution customized UX for DAB Pumps.
Examples of the custom UX designed for DAB Pumps.

DAB Pumps has witnessed tangible improvements since implementing the unified UX experience. One standout benefit is the increase in user engagement, driven by the more visually appealing graphics. By revamping their UI, the attention and interest of their end users has been successfully captured. This newfound engagement has fostered a more immersive and interactive digital experience, ultimately leading to greater user satisfaction.

The adoption of a UI low-code development platform marks a transformative step for DAB Pumps in their digitalization journey. With the aim of simplifying UI development and reducing costs, DAB Pumps has embarked on a path that holds immense potential for time savings and improved efficiency.

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