Reactions from the field: Personalize your MES with the power of low-code

By Alessandro Cereseto

It is well known that a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides a significant advantage in planning and manufacturing. Increasing complexity, growing expectations from the market and society, as well as an increasing cost pressure are among the many factors that pose challenges to the manufacturing world.

Although many companies face similar challenges, universal solutions are not sufficient on their own as each plant has specific processes that depend on the final product, quality and reliability of the supplier, history of the plant, local regulations, and others. Unique and personalized solutions are required to meet the diverse challenges of each company.

An MES provides a great advantage by keeping track of the production processes and providing precious insight data. Oftentimes manufacturers discover additional elements that can be optimized with the first feedback from the MES.

To redirect this focus, rigid solutions require a big investment. With low-code solutions, like Mendix, implementation and maintenance costs are reduced, so resources can be allocated to continuous process development.

Out-of-the-box solutions powered by low-code technology

Opcenter already provides role-based, persona-specific, and industry-specific OOTB templates which can be used as-is, but they can also be customized further.

Customers can take the personalization of the user interface into their own hands and, thanks to their manufacturing expertise, easily create interfaces that best suit their process using the new low-code approach powered by Mendix. This offers a high degree of flexibility that enables a swift response to different problems regarding processes, components, and other aspects of manufacturing.

First experiences from the field

Opcenter and Mendix is a symbiotic collaboration, complementing each other perfectly.
Below are some reports from the field:

In this whitepaper, we explain in more detail the drastic effect that Mendix combined with Opcenter has on manufacturing processes, leading to a personalized digital transformation.

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