engineer using tablet with manufacturing operations management software to interface with robot arm in a smart factory

Manufacturing Operations Management for manufacturing agility in modern times

With manufacturers seeking new ways to keep staff members separated from each other, the value of Smart Manufacturing takes on an added dimension.

AVAILABLE NOW! Opcenter APS 18.2

Opcenter™ APS 18.2 is now available! See how the latest version introduces extending Opcenter Planner with custom window support

man meeting with remote software deployment team via video call

Accelerating Digital Transformation through Remote Deployment of MOM

The need for remote software deployment is increasing substantially due to the global impact of travel and social distancing restrictions. The Siemens Advantedge Success Program provides a powerful infrastructure for remote projects.

Diagram shows manufacturing agility supported by closed-loop manufactuirng

Manufacturing agility: a lesson learned

With unprecedented events impacting manufacturing around the world, the role and urgency of digital transformation has grown more than ever. Manufacturing agility is key.

Surviving and thriving in times of seismic change

Mike Liddell, CEO of Lean Scheduling International and author of “The Little Blue Book on Scheduling” explains how having the right tools in place allows manufacturers to be agile in the face of unexpected change, making adjustments in the midst of change with greater certainty of the outcome.

Why Manufacturers Absolutely, 100% Need APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling)

Why does a manufacturing company need an Advanced Scheduling system? Why isn’t Excel, or the scheduling tool provided by their ERP vendor, sufficient to get the job done?

Production planning and scheduling at an Industry 4.0 level

What is required to achieve the best performance on the delivery of production at an Industry 4.0 level?