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OKQ8 Creates Future-proof Digital Depot Management

Sweden’s leading fuel company uses Siemens Digital Enterprise portfolio and partner PlantVision for digital transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry.

CASE STUDY: BASF reduces batch production time by 5 – 10%

Using Siemens Opcenter, leading chemicals company streamlines production with digital manufacturing.

Opcenter Execution Medical Device and Diagnostics

What’s new in Opcenter Execution Medical Device and Diagnostics 8.9

Delivering enhanced technology that improves productivity, efficiency and quality We are excited to announce that the latest version of Opcenter…


What’s new in Opcenter Execution Electronics 8.9

Improving integration with Valor Process Preparation and technology enhancements We are excited to announce that the latest version of Opcenter…

An Integrated APS and SCM disrupts traditional Supply Chain Management 

It is no secret that supply chains, involving hundreds or thousands of external suppliers, partners and third parties, are becoming increasingly strategic and complex. Moreover, supply chains are increasingly forced to keep pace with the new model of the circular economy. 

Business people using APS software combined with Supply Chain Management software

Managing complex supply chains in uncertain times

A growing risk for manufacturers as they strive to maintain production schedules and on-time deliveries is the impact of supply chain volatility.

Opcenter Quality 13.2 has been released!

We are excited to announce the availability of Opcenter Quality 13.2! Supporting quick and efficient planning processes for incoming and…


Planning for a more resilient supply chain

Using digital collaboration to achieve productivity and delivery goals When manufacturers are asked to characterize their supply chain today, resilient…

Modern digital manufacturing meets the supply chain

Manufacturers are suffering from a broken supply chain today, be it computer chips, automobiles, exercise equipment, or breakfast cereals, and they are all awaiting a resurgence. This disruption has increased the need for agility, adaptability, and positive transformation.