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Medical Device Manufacturers – Emerging with speed

There’s a common belief that manufacturers need to have attained a certain scale before considering investing in technology like MES, but an increasing trend among emerging medical-device companies is challenging this….

AVAILABLE NOW! NX Industrial Electrical Design and Automation Designer

We are excited to announce that the latest versions of NX Industrial Electrical Design and Automation Designer have been released!…

Opcenter Execution Process

AVAILABLE NOW! Opcenter Execution Process 4.0

A new version of our MES for Process Industries is available: Opcenter Execution Process 4.0….

Webinar – Quality Management in the digital era – connect the disconnect across the value chain

Manufacturers are gearing towards the phenomenon of mass customization and personalization. With quality as one…

AVAILABLE NOW! Opcenter Quality 12.1

Opcenter™ Quality software is a multilingual, cross-industry quality management system that complies with international quality standards. Opcenter Quality is a process-oriented modular system that supports the closed-loop quality product lifecycle and manages complexities for the planning, controlling and monitoring of processes and corporate quality….

What’s New in Opcenter Execution Electronics 8.4

We are excited to announce the latest version of Opcenter Execution Electronics has been released! Version 8.4 is now available. …

Opcenter – Innovation you can trust

Tobias Lange, Vice President for Manufacturing Operations Management R&D, breaks down these questions and provides valuable insight in our new video….

Why should you choose Opcenter for Manufacturing Operations Management?

In this new video, Raffaello Lepratti, Siemens Vice President – MOM Business Development and Marketing, will share how Opcenter is enabling digital transformation of manufacturing through its harmonized manufacturing operations management solutions united under one portfolio….

R&D lab technician using smart software applications to digitalize R&D test and verification data

Smart Digital R&D labs to boost innovation for automotive and discrete manufacturers

Current and next gen products depend heavily on chemistry and advanced materials research and laboratory activities across the supply chain. Smart Digital R&D labs are critical to enforce data sharing across the value chain and enable continuous improvements to boost innovations….