Unlocking Manufacturing Efficiency: Can Opcenter EX Foundation on AWS Cloud Revolutionize Your Production Line?

By Alessandro Cereseto

The automotive industry is experiencing a monumental shift as digitalization takes center stage, leading to a diversification of powertrains, particularly in the case of Toyota. However, this transformation also poses challenges for manufacturing and IT infrastructure.

In order to address these challenges and provide seamless solutions for their manufacturing customers and operations, Toyota has partnered with Amazon and Siemens. In this blog post, we will take you through the three steps that Toyota, Siemens and Amazon have taken to deliver against this challenge and revolutionize the automotive industry.

Validation and Certification

Validating and certifying the new IT infrastructural options to support Toyota producing their new powertrain was not simply a paperwork exercise. Siemens and Amazon have gone above and beyond to provide confidence to their customers by deploying mission-critical systems that are easy to use. Together, they have developed a variety of deployment models and reference architectures, ensuring that the definition, procurement, and setup of new IT infrastructure becomes a seamless and hassle-free process, and giving customers the confidence they need to focus on growing their own businesses.

Industry Templates for Quick Deployment

To facilitate a quick time to value, Siemens has introduced industry templates. These pre-configured templates allow manufacturing processes to be jump-started, minimizing deployment time, and increasing efficiency. Not only does this include infrastructure deployment, but also the system as a whole.

Innovation and Personalization

Siemens recognizes that a successful system needs to continuously evolve and adapt to new business requirements. To achieve this, they have embedded an industry-leading low code personalization platform, Mendix, within the architecture. This platform provides a higher level of flexibility and personalization, empowering customers to make their own customizations on top of the existing system in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Digital Transformation for Enhanced Business Value

Digital Threads are the next level of business value that Siemens, Toyota’s partner, aims to deliver by ensuring interoperability and efficiency across its products. By bridging different domains within the automotive industry, Siemens enables new and exciting business processes that were previously untapped.

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