COVID-19 and the future of manufacturing

As we have all been moving so quickly handling the many facets of this crisis, I finally took a few moments to reflect on the magnitude of it all. Sitting here in my basement office at my home, I have a few personal observations.

Video – The Efficient Machining Shop: Challenges & Solutions

In many machining shops today, the management of data is still based on ad hoc manual processes and tribal knowledge. PLM consultant, Bob Nisivoccia of Engineering USA, talks about the liability this creates, especially for shops that are part of regulated industries such as Aerospace & Defense.

Video – A Digital Offering for Assembly Manufacturing

Assembly manufacturers are looking for tools to efficiently author, simulate, manage and share information throughout their organization.

Video – The Digital Transformation of the American Shipyard

Digital industry experts explore the past, present, future and digital transformation of the American shipbuilding and repair industry.

Production planning and scheduling at an Industry 4.0 level

What is required to achieve the best performance on the delivery of production at an Industry 4.0 level?

How important is production scheduling today?

In our uncertain world today, factories are facing high levels of variability from both the external market demand and availability of labor resources. In view of this uncertainty, Production Scheduling systems are of tremendous importance.

Medical Device Manufacturing: Why Digitalization is Changing Everything

Text Version: Leveraging on Medical Device Manufacturing Digitalization to drive growth It’s impossible to exaggerate how profoundly the digital revolution…

TOP 5 Benefits of Manufacturing Digitalization in Medical Device and Diagnostics

“The sooner, the better” may be the best answer to the question of when medical device and diagnostics manufacturers should…