Streamlining complaint management. Improve customer satisfaction and increase process transparency.

No matter how robust your planning phase and how hard you try to evaluate all possible failures, problems and defects…

man meeting with remote software deployment team via video call

Accelerating Digital Transformation through Remote Deployment of MOM

The need for remote software deployment is increasing substantially due to the global impact of travel and social distancing restrictions. The Siemens Advantedge Success Program provides a powerful infrastructure for remote projects.

Manufacturing PCB and Box Together

The devices we use daily are produced as a mix of electronics and mechanical manufacturing. In today’s run for higher quality and shorter time to market, it’s crucial to make these 2 domains, each one with its best practices and equipment, work and evolve together.

Diagram shows manufacturing agility supported by closed-loop manufactuirng

Manufacturing agility: a lesson learned

With unprecedented events impacting manufacturing around the world, the role and urgency of digital transformation has grown more than ever. Manufacturing agility is key.

Selecting the right technology for manufacturing digitalization in Medical Device and Diagnostics

With the questions of whether and when to begin implementing Smart Manufacturing already substantially answered – yes and now – MedTech firms must navigate the question of how their digital…

Picture of a manufacturing floor showing the connectivity between manufacturing systems, the cloud, and IIOT

MOM: Orchestrating the convergence of automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and enterprise systems

Along with Cloud/SaaS platforms and smart devices, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – the IoT for manufacturing – promises unprecedented connectivity, intelligence, and responsiveness.

Infographic – Why smart manufacturing for electronics?

This infographic provides a visual guide to identifying the key challenges faced by electronics manufacturers. Utilizing smart manufacturing solutions to unify and digitalize the electronic and mechanical value chain is the proper approach to meeting these challenges and to unlocking some astonishing business benefits.

Surviving and thriving in times of seismic change

Mike Liddell, CEO of Lean Scheduling International and author of “The Little Blue Book on Scheduling” explains how having the right tools in place allows manufacturers to be agile in the face of unexpected change, making adjustments in the midst of change with greater certainty of the outcome.

Ingenuity in supplier audit and standards compliance during challenging times

Manufacturer and supplier’s ability to deliver products ensuring quality and compliance is a difficult task even in times of normality. When global events or even significant local events like a natural disaster occur this task becomes monumental