Live Webinar – Enhance collaboration with comprehensive monitoring of supplier performance

By Valentina Lupo

In the current complex environment, automotive tier-suppliers are expected to ensure business continuity and deliver products requisite quality.

The challenges for quality have also grown because of evolving general trends in supply chain relationships. For example, as companies continue to look for ways to improve quality and reduce costs, they are more frequently engaging suppliers to provide selected product parts and components. Suppliers are often an integral part of a manufacturer’s business continuity as well as new product development.

A strong quality supplier assessment helps companies to clarify roles and set appropriate expectations.

In this webinar, you will learn how a complete quality system supports the supplier quality management process and enables companies to monitor their performance. We will explore:

•          What are the benefits of comprehensive supplier quality management

•          Why your company needs to implement a strong solution to manage quality for suppliers

•          Learn best practices for automotive industry from our Siemens subject matters expert

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