On-demand Webinar: Boost Your Productivity with High-Performance Milling

By Stephanie Aldrete

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Milling is a vital CNC operation for machine shops.  Achieving higher efficiency in milling can be a key differentiator and money-maker.

Learn how to stay ahead using Siemens’ NX CAM high-performance milling capabilities. In this webinar you’ll see the software in action and learn about many machining tips, tricks, and practical advice.

We will also provide insights into advanced NC programming capabilities for effectively machining a wide range of precision parts using turning, multi-function centers, and 5-axis operations.

Siemens’ experts will describe how you can automate and connect end-to-end part manufacturing with NX software, a comprehensive solution for CAD, CAM, CMM, robotics, and additive manufacturing.

Where manufacturing meets tomorrow.

Primary Topics:

  • High-speed machining for 60% shorter cycles
  • Smooth finishing for mirror-like surfaces
  • Continuous helical and spiral methods for cutting pre-hardened steel
  • Automated de-burring for faster programming


Vynce Paradise
Head of Software Development, Siemens Digital Industries Software
Vynce Paradise leads the NX CAM software product development at Siemens Digital industries Software. Vynce has wide experience in the CAD/CAM software industry and is based in Cypress, California USA.

Alexander Freund
Product Portfolio Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software
Alexander Freund has 16 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, with a degree mechanical engineering. Alexander’s in-depth knowledge about the latest machining technologies enables him to implement new functionality in NX CAM software.

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