Introducing Value Based Licensing for NX CAM software

By Okay Yaramanoglu
NX MFG License Tokens

This article was written by Rob Finney

We are excited to introduce Value Based Licensing (Token licensing), a new purchasing option that provides greater flexibility, as well as a new way to deploy NX CAM software. This purchase option will apply to over 50 of our add-on modules that allow you to expand the capabilities of the NX CAM core seats, ensuring that you can leverage the CNC programming capabilities for your specific applications. 

In case you don’t have time to watch the video, here’s an overview of how it works:

  1. Tokens that have been purchased by a user become part of a token license pool.
  2. Each application in the token pool consumes a defined number of tokens when in use.
  3. The total number of applications that can be checked out on top of the Base Application is limited by the number of tokens that the user has available.
  4. Whenever an application is not in use, the corresponding tokens become available to run other applications. Token usage behaves the same way as with floating add-ons, but with additional consolidation effects, resulting in remarkable cost-efficiency. Token licensing can be combined and mixed with the traditional feature-based licensing schemes. Third-party products will not be available under the value-based licensing scheme.
  5. A user must have purchased pre-requisite base seat license(s) on top of which the tokens can be enabled.
    • Value based licensing does NOT require Teamcenter or any other application beyond the basic license referred to here in order to function
  6. If this is used with any other licensing, then the licensing system will use “non-token” licenses first before using tokens. The idea is to always maintain as many tokens as possible in the available pool
  7. Based on the number of tokens purchased, people will be able to activate several software options.
    • The system will allow any token enabled license to be used if there are sufficient tokens available. 
    • When the application’s task is complete, the tokens are returned to the pool.

Please note that the token system can only be used if a user has purchased base seat license(s) which include one of the following floating licenses: NX CAM 2.5-Axis Milling, NX CAM Turning, NX CAD Mach 1 or Solid Edge Foundation and above.

Note that the following base seats are not valid for tokens:

  • Node Locked Bundles
  • NX Cloud Connected Products
  • CAM Posts
  • CAM Robotic Posts

We are currently offering two Token packages, known as value packs:

  • NX36100 – NX MFG Value Based licensing 100 pack  
  • NX36050 – NX MFG Value Based licensing 50 pack

We hope you are as excited about this new purchasing method as we are and look forward to exploring it with you.


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