Why join the NX Beta?

The NX beta event is quickly approaching.

The question of why comes up every now and then. Why would somebody want to venture out to a Siemens office and spend time testing the next version of NX?

Aside from helping perfect the world class engineering software that is NX, users take away so much more from attending. Whether this is being able to see what’s coming down the pipeline from future releases, interacting with product management and developers, testing your own data-sets on the latest technology, participating in interactive break-out sessions, or involving yourself with other attendees to see how they use NX at their organization. The reasons are endless. Not to mention attendees are treated to dinner during the week.

We were able to sit down with past attendees from the beta event as they wanted to share with others what they can gain from attending. Please have a look below and don’t forget to register !

Watch here

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