New NX Before the New Year: Latest NX release details

By William Chanatry

The latest NX update enables you to create better designs faster and with greater confidence.

  • Provides you deeper design understanding and more effective communication
  • Instantly assess the impact of design changes
  • Best-in-class features to decrease design time
  • Integrate the latest updates into your workflow while minimizing the learning curve

Please take a look below for more in-depth coverage of what’s new in the latest release to the next generation of design with NX.

Most Productive Modeling Environment

Our ongoing commitment to core modeling technology investments provides the world’s most productive modeling environment.

You can easily make complex modifications with our organized features that provide a local edit and update. These enhancements provide new tools and a faster workflow for machinery designers. Our “make current” feature only rolls back features within the active design group and doesn’t make downstream design groups and features inactive.

You can also save time with Mass Properties Management. This automates manual labor and helps you remain immersed in NX. NX will automatically update Mass Properties data as you make design changes.

In the latest release you will also find that we’ve streamlined our data navigation. We’ve streamlined tools for easier and faster filtering of design data, which will quickly allow you to bore through design layers. We’ve added additional functionality to the areas of Direct Sketch, Mold Tool & Die, P&ID Designer, Sheet Metal, and Ship Building that you can explore in the new what’s new tab of NX.

Generative Engineering

We provide true Generative Engineering and a complete engineering toolset from concept to validation.

With this latest update to NX in generative engineering, we’ve added new capabilities to import and prepare point cloud data in NX. These updates enable importing and meshing of raw point clouds into convergent geometry. This allows you as a designer to import data into NX and work with it as convergent geometry.

Industrialized Additive Manufacturing

Efficiency gains of 75% over prior releases are easily attainable.
Click me to watch customizing lattice load bearings

Productivity of our tools have a huge impact on your ability to quickly execute your programs. We believe in making our tools the most innovative tools in the market. In fact, over the last 2 years the NX team have been granted 45 patents that help you move forward with increased productivity in your workflows. The world’s most productive modeler has an intuitive interactive user interface and the fastest model resolution to help you go from concept to model reality in the shortest time possible. In the area of design for additive this is a significant release.

You can now customize lattice load bearings. These lattices can be tailored to engineering loads. You can customize lattice support based on FE analysis results, as well as accurately achieving structural needs. You can all of this while simultaneously improving lightweighting capabilities.

Click me to watch the Optimize Part Orientation functionality.

In this latest release for additive manufacturing you will find the Optimize Part Orientation. Understanding optimum print orientation can aid in design decisions for how to best design a part. This functionality automates what has historically been a time consuming and labor intensive process. With this power in your design hands you can optimize the print orientation of the part, weighing multiple design and manufacturing requirements.

More notable enhancements you will notice in our design for additive manufacturing space is our additional checking tools. These persistent checks ensure the part will print correctly and accurately, saving you time and effort.

Electromechanical Design

“80% of Product Innovation and differentiation now comes from electrical, electronics and software”

Siegmar Hassis
Daimler R&D CIO

With our rich integration of Electromechanical Design, you will notice some new additions in this release. You now get a full panel representation in PCB. This deeper integration with other applications supports the full digital twin for downstream processes. NX now brings in the data for multiple PCB’s (essentially an entire panel) at once.

Another addition you will notice is the ability to easily setup Pulleys and Belt Chains. These are significant improvements to capabilities in concept models and machines. NX now eliminates the need to manually define rigid bodies.

Collaborative Design and Management

84% of products from best-in-class manufacturers achieve revenue, cost, launch and quality targets using model based definition”

Aberdeen Group
Click me to watch the new options for the technical data package

Increase your confidence in collaboration with NX. Streamline your downstream communication with new technical data package options. These new options supports collaboration with the supplier, manufacturing, inspection and quality, assembly, service and other teams requiring access to 3D content.

With NX’s holistic Active workspace experience we are responding to customer requested enhancements with increased usability with active workspace. We have eliminated gaps with the Teamcenter rich client. We’re visualizing arrangements in Active Workspace, providing the ability to open a previous dataset version, and increasing the value of Active Workspace client with NX by enabling visualization of Assembly Arrangements.

In terms of managing your complex products, we have ensured we’ve enhanced everything from our end to achieve this. With NX ,you can manage the complexities of multi-domain products and track large numbers of product and technical requirements through the design process.

Integrated Simulation and Manufacturing

Effortlessly understand and communicate designs

Create a visual path of component movement and visually see the full path of a component and create necessary modifications based on the results. Seeing movement paths enables new avenues of understanding. With this new capability, you can create better designs and complete them much faster. Building around movements will eliminate iteration steps.

Remember that NX is the only software that allows you to seamlessly go from Design to Simulation, to Manufacturing. All in one software.

NX removes the barriers to innovation

Keep the strongest tools at hand with continuous release.

Ensure the strongest solutions are in your team’s toolbox with pre-upgrade readiness planning. Design teams can optimize their use of NX with knowledge of, and personalized integration for each release.

With this release of NX, we hope you are able to strengthen you and your teams workflows with more efficient modeling capabilities. We’re looking forward to seeing what the world will do with the latest from NX. Happy designing!


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