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By Jamie Tyler

We’re pleased to bring you the second instalment of our what’s new in NX™ software series for the December 2023 release. Throughout the year, we’ll be shining the spotlight on new capabilities added to NX. In this episode, we’ll be taking a look at new functionality within multi-discipline design, and how you can implement these tools into your workflow.


We’ve already released two blogs focusing on our latest release of NX. The first explores new core design capabilities, whilst the second provides an overview of new features on a more broader scale. Check them out if they are of interest to you!

NX December 2023 release | Now available!
What’s new in NX | Core Design

What is multi-discipline design?
Multi-discipline design enables an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach that can reduce timely re-works and accelerate time to market. NX is part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, giving you access to an extensive software portfolio to create the most comprehensive digital twin.

This approach is at the heart of NX. Our new capabilities combine the real and digital world, whilst simultaneously incorporating new AI capabilities and transforming businesses for a more sustainable future. Without further ado, let’s take a look 👇

NX for Concrete Design

What challenges are our customers facing?

NX for Concrete Design has been created and developed to help combat major challenges our customers continue to face. Project delays and cost over runs continue to cause critical issues, which are only exacerbated by inefficient design processes and data interoperability. Add in global unpredictability and rising costs creates the perfect storm of challenges for global customers that need to be addressed.

What is NX for Concrete Design?

NX for Concrete Design is an advanced parametric design tool that enables designers to quickly design and create reinforced concrete design elements. Built on the building blocks of NX, NX for Concrete design utilizes algorithmic modeling, freeform design, steel structure and many other capabilities. It’s a concurrent, collaborative design environment that eliminates any mistakes that can occur when designing in isolated silos. Additionally, you’ll be able to design in a managed environment, allowing design changes to be propagated throughout the design chain.

Capabilities within NX for Concrete for Design

Reinforced concrete design is now included within our integrated suite of NX tools. With NX for Concrete Design, you can easily create Crossing Rebars associatively with the concrete form. We’ve added support for rectangular and cylindrical precast elements, whilst Crossing Rebars are generated based on the shape of the concrete. Additionally, Longitudinal Rebar is positioned along the inside of the Crossing Rebars, but the On Points type offers the flexibility to place rebar at any point.

Crossing Rebars
Longitudinal Rebars

PCB Exchange

What is PCB Exchange?

As a reminder, PCB Exchange lays the groundwork for the intuitive and efficient design of rigid and flexible printed circuits. It can be integrated with ECAD applications to enable design collaboration, validation and management of the PCB Assembly, Bill of Materials (BOM) and design files.
NX PCB Exchange now supports the ability to select and visualize alternate packages for components directly in the PCB Design navigator. Typically, the same component is often available in different packages, offering various advantages, including different prices, ease of assembly and lead times to name a few. Additionally, you can browse, preview and change package information before exporting changes to ECAD. And finally, you can also import and automatically select correct alternate package from Xpedition.

NX Sheet Metal

It’s important to recognize the challenges facing customers in association with metal production. A fast and easy to use product is a must, whilst there needs to be an accurate flat pattern generation. Additionally, techniques for non-linear and complex designs continuously need to be adapted. As a reminder, NX Sheet Metal Design simplifies product design, and makes it easier to model an entire spectrum of sheet metal parts. We’ve really focused on tying NX Sheet Metal Design into the NX ecosystem to enable greater alignment and consistency. Moreover, we wanted to enable you to finalize your most complex designs with confidence for a more comprehensive digital twin.

We’ve added Variational Flange; a new command for this latest release of NX. With this tool, you can now create flanges on any tangential edge. This extends to non-co planar edges, and supports variable length and variable angle

What’s more, we’ve also refreshed the Preference Dialog for consistency with other applications in NX. And within this dialog box, you can use the “Find” capability to search and apply your saved parameter options.

Continue your journey with NX

We hope you have taken valuable insights from our latest what’s new for NX episode. To continue your journey, be sure to take a look at other useful resources located below. We look forward to seeing you on the next one.

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