NX scoops big in the TrustRadius awards!

By Jamie Tyler


There is no better validation for any product or service than a user review; it validates the decisions to add specific features and functionality. For us, it’s a reflection on how well we’re doing, and whether or not our continuous release cycle continues to resonate with you.

Based on our performance with TrustRadius, NX continues to lead the way across many industries! Let’s dive in.

What is TrustRadius?

TrustRadius is a 3rd party peer review site, collating a variety of customer insights. They aim to help buyers confidently make decisions with comprehensive, vetted product information and customer-generated content. It’s all about empowering customers to tell their unique stories and engage high-intent buyers. So it’s great that they’ve recognized such a strong performance with NX!

Why submit a peer review?

Peer reviews are a great way for prospective customers, and even existing customers, to compare products and develop a better understanding for how those products will fit within their own ecosystem. This is made possible by real people, real discussions, and real reviews. But peer reviews are not just helpful to the end customer. Consolidating the insights from per reviews also enables us to see how NX is performing against other solutions in the market, and it helps us to gain insights that we may not have otherwise obtained through our own communication channels.

And how did we do?

In the 2023 awards, NX scooped a total of three awards! Check them out below.

  • Best feature set
  • Best relationship in computer aided design (CAD)
  • Best value for price

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