NX Student Day 2023 | Get engineering experience as a student

By Mollie Gladden

Calling all engineering students, educators, and independent learners: NX Student Day is back for 2023! NX Student Day will be on September 20, 2023 at 10 AM EDT/7 AM PDT. Register today!

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What is NX Student Day?

NX Student Day is an annual event that brings together students, educators, and independent learners across the world to learn about how NX is used in the industry and in academics. Speakers can range from industry experts, to professors, to members from the NX team, and the academic team at Siemens. Not only will you learn what NX is used for, but you will learn tips and tricks for NX and your career. But wait, there’s more! Live attendees will receive a voucher for the NX Design Associate certification.

What will I learn at NX Student Day 2023?

This year, highlights of the event will include:

  • The importance of NX for Digital Transformation
  • E-mobility made sustainable by design: How Michigan State students won the Design Hack with NX
  • NX tips & tricks
  • Overview of free academic resources

NX Student Day 2023 Speakers

  • Sam Kuan – Senior Marketing Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software
  • Katherine Stevenson – Senior Academic Specialist, Michigan State University
  • Dr. Mehrin Chowdhury – Manager of Training, Recruitment and Student Success at the Aerospace Center, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Jennifer Piper – Marketing Director, Siemens Digital Industries Software

NX Student Edition

We offer students free access to NX software through our NX Student Edition. The NX Student Edition includes both CAD and CAM capabilities. Part files created in NX Student Edition cannot be retrieved in a commercial version of NX, but can be retrieved in the full academic packages available to educational establishments.

How do I get certified in NX?

Live attendees will receive a voucher for the NX Design Associate certification that is offered through Siemens Xcelerator Academy. The certification demonstrates core design skills and can be displayed as a digital badge on LinkedIn, enhancing your competitive edge.

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