NX December 2022 Release | Now Available

By Jamie Tyler

An introduction

Welcome to the December 2022 release of NX. Our continuous release puts you, the user, at the center of new features and functionalities added for each release. We’re excited to announce that the latest enhancements are now available to download! Without further ado, let’s look at the enhancements we’ve added.

Core Modelling

There are several new enhancements available in association with Core Modelling. Let’s take a look.


There’s a lot of new, exciting functionality added to Sketch within NX. What are they?:

New Pattern Functionality

An area with new functionality revolves around Sketch Pattern enhancements. The new Pattern Relation Finding allows users to control which instances participate in modifications. You can set finding scope during pattern creation, whilst relation scope can be edited in the Pattern dialog. Those older sketches? Don’t worry, these can all be renewed to use the new functionality

Sliding relations in the sketch solver

The sketch solver now finds ‘sliding relations’, laying the groundwork for improved design intent documentation. Most relations are found on touching curves within a sketch. If one curve ‘slides’ off another during modification, the relation can be lost. Additional improvements to the sketch solver prevent this from happening.

Coincident handling enhancements

Other core modeling enhancements

We’ve listened to our users and implemented new functionality based on incredibly valuable feedback. The coincident handling in Sketch now provides for a more consistent modification behavior; you now have complete control over the ability to disable more coincident scenarios, as well as being able to remove endpoint stickiness for Persistent Point-on-String Relation.

These are not the only enhancements we’ve made to core modeling in NX. We’ve also added functionality in the following areas:

  • Thread Propagation to Multiple Bodies
  • Move Object
  • WAVE Linking Material Properties
  • Compare Body

BIM (Building Information Management)

User Interface Customization

We’ve made exciting changes to Building Information Management within NX. We’ve customized the user interface and streamlined it to enable efficient creation and editing of complex building structures. You can make use of the BIM Design Navigator to quickly switch between levels and edit BIM objects, whilst components and features will also be visible and editable in a single navigator

Elevation and Grid Lines

You can now create and edit Grid and Elevation lines by using an intuitive sketching environment. In addition, lines can be customized to adhere to various industry or customer standard display types. Easily reference Grid and Elevation Lines when positioning structural elements such as walls, columns, floors and ceilings.

Elevation Lines
Grid Lines

What is BIM?
NX for Building Information Management is an advanced 3D parametric design tool that enables designers too quickly create and document buildings.


For the December 2022 release, we have focused on load performance, enabling the ability to visualize larger amounts of data and reduced files sizes using JT Moniker Technology. We have:

  • Optimized for large feature counts​
  • Reduced load time and creation of associative features (between 1.2x – 25x)​
  • Reduced PRT file sizes by on average 5.7%
  • Removed the dependency on the KF Framework

In addition, we’ve also improved the following key capabilities:

  • Process improvements to Simplify Assembly
  • Developments to Partitions in Design Sessions and Worksets
  • Smart Discovery in Design Worksets
  • General performance improvements

What’s Smart Discovery in Design Worksets?
Smart Discovery is the solution for searching and filtering within a structure

MBD (Model Based Definition)

Let’s take a look at key improvements added to MBD within the December 2022 release. Firstly, several improvements have been added to the MBD Logic Editor that will expand automation possibilities. Several new and enhanced MBD Logic Editor nodes are now available, of which includes:

  • Additional automated authoring and modification of Feature Control Frames
  • Enhanced Composite Frame support
  • Support for Leading and Trailing zeros

What is MBD?
NX MBD delivers advanced capabilities to support Model Based Definition deployments by connecting engineering and product with breakthrough innovation

Other enhancements also include:

  • Functional, workflow and UI enhancements focus on improving efficiency
  • Enhanced workflow support for NX Technical Data Package


So, what about composites? Well, we’ve focused on several areas to take your workflows to the next level. Here are some of the new functionality you can expect to find in the latest release of NX:

  • Intuitive region selection for features
  • Interactive region selection for features
  • Interactive composite navigator
  • Design stations to interrogate and validate the stackup
  • Cross sections for clear communication of design intent
  • Updates when you want them
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Export flat patterns to DXF files for nesting and cutting
  • Journaling support for all functions

Continue your journey with NX

These are just a selection of enhancements available within the December 2022 release of NX. To find more information, make sure you continue your journey with NX and check out the following links below!

Also, you may want to keep an eye out for a brand new series we will be bringing you through 2023. This series will be exploring handy tips and tricks you can implement into your workflow when using NX. Stay tuned!

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