Siemens and Mendix: Open Letter to Communities

By Tony Hemmelgarn

To the Siemens PLM Software and Mendix Communities:

We are excited to announce the acquisition of Mendix by Siemens. Closing of the transaction expected in fourth quarter of calendar year 2018.

 Main Image - Mendix Platform.pngAfter close of the transaction, our collective customers and partners now have access to the largest open ecosystem of cloud-native Low-Code Development, Digital Enterprise Software, and IoT experts, with the greatest collection of applications, developer communities, professional service expertise, and world leading academic and research relationships.

The acquisition allows Siemens to enter the high-growth low-code development business and we expect this business to continue to experience strong growth in the future in both Mendix’s existing customer segments and across the Siemens industrial customer base.

For Siemens PLM Software communities, the acquisition and integration of Mendix positions Siemens as the platform of choice for large and SMB companies looking to digitally transform their business, by connecting data and processes through cloud-native applications at unprecedented speed and scale. Our world is becoming ever more connected. Billions of intelligent devices and machines generate massive amounts of data, creating a bridge between real and virtual worlds. Turning these vast amounts of data into value is a key success factor for Siemens customers. By enabling true digital twins of not only the product, but also the production environments and real-time product performance, furthered with the unique combination of Mendix’s cloud-native application development and Siemens MindSphere IoT platform, customers are empowered to make product and manufacturing information universally accessible and useful for their business.

For Mendix communities, this move accelerates the Mendix vision at a much larger scale with the incredible team, assets, industry know-how and footprint of Siemens. Being part of Siemens will allow Mendix to serve customers even better by accelerating R&D vision, leveraging a much larger pool of go-to-market resources, and an enormous global infrastructure. This will be done while maintaining Mendix’s unique culture and R&D capability that has allowed Mendix to become the leader in its space. Siemens will continue to invest in Mendix’s product roadmap, continuing its legacy as the most-innovative, open low-code cloud platform. Mendix will retain its distinct brand, culture and continue serving customers in a wide range of industries and verticals with its unique platform ecosystem.

We are very grateful for your continued support, and we are excited to show you what Siemens and Mendix can deliver for you in the future.

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Kind Regards,
Tony Hemmelgarn, President and CEO, Siemens PLM Software


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