4 ways Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) improves production

By Jason Meyers

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software is capable of tackling the variety of challenges associated with different manufacturing activities, especially production.

The right MOM solution provides full visibility into all production activities, so decision-makers can readily identify areas to be improved.

When choosing a MOM software option, manufacturers should opt for a solution capable of improving their production operation in these four ways.

Rework, scrap and materials management

Rework and scrap can’t typically be handled by control systems, and without appropriate management, excessive waste or uncontrolled material tracking can affect the quality of the final product. Additionally, material tracking throughout the production process is crucial for accounting and the correct evaluation of production costs. A MOM solution can provide closer alignment between product design and production environments to reduce the amount of scrap.

Increase visibility with KPIs and advanced reporting

To fully comprehend how a plant is performing, manufacturers need a system capable of generating production reporting. These reports correlate process control and production data to facilitate troubleshooting and performance analysis. MOM increases visibility into the production process and creates the right conditions to promote improvement and increase system efficiency.

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Improve Quality, pinpoint defects

To address product quality issues and promptly organize product recalls, manufacturers must be able to accurately identify defective lots and backtrack production. An efficient MOM system provides complete genealogy to track materials throughout the entire production process. It also follows material transformations with precision until the final product is produced and delivered to the end customer.

Reacting efficiently to production problems to reduce downtime

Efficient management of failures and downtimes is essential to profitability. MOM software can coordinate all the different resources when something goes wrong on the shop floor. Efficiently and effectively informing maintenance while rescheduling production and notifying necessary personnel ultimately reduces downtime and keeps production costs lower.

More production benefits with manufacturing operations management

Overall, a complete MOM solution provides a number of production benefits:

  • alignment between product design and production environments
  • ability to introduce product design changes while production has already started
  • operator guidance to ensure timely and correct execution
  • traceability, genealogy and visibility of work-in-progress
  • better management of deviations and nonconformances

Focusing on MOM provides solutions to a number of business problems, production challenges, and IT issues simultaneously.

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