IT wants to update your Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM): Here are 4 reasons why

By Jason Meyers

Manufacturers strive for optimal quality and production efficiency across all global facilities, and to successfully accomplish this, they need the right IT infrastructure.

A good MOM solution can enable communication and integration between the key components contributing to bringing products successfully to the market.

Here are four reasons how the right MOM solution can benefit your IT.

Integrate and synchronize systems to reduce maintenance costs

Multiple links between your software solutions greatly increase the complexity of any manufacturing system. As a result, IT maintenance costs and any program modification increase along with it. An effective MOM solution can simplify integration and coordinate the flow of information between different applications on site.

Reduce implementation costs and risks

Employing reusable solutions creates the conditions for streamlining and accelerating project implementations. A MOM solution with efficient software reusability and standard industry-specific functionality immediately available dramatically cuts total ownership costs and lowers overall risks.

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Share and reuse knowhow and expertise

The biggest cost savings can come from the efficient reuse of software. Being able to “code” expertise allows the rapid transfer of know-how between users, which isn’t typically possible with standard applications. The right MOM software can modify existing features and develop new functionality.

Maintain personnel technology skills and reduce training costs

Most applications are customized to satisfy specific needs, and as a result, the person with the most know-how is frequently used to develop and maintain these applications. This type of competence is difficult and expensive to maintain. By adopting a MOM solution that covers all functionalities in an integrated environment, complex manufacturing systems can be implemented with ease, making the involved tasks possible for everyone, including users with basic skills.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) with easy IT compatibility

Overall, the right MOM solution should be able to connect and interact with external and legacy IT systems with little to no challenges.

Once in place, it begins working to solve common business problems, production challenges, and IT issues.

The right MOM solution has built-in scalability, allowing for tailored investment and maintenance according to case-by-case requirements.

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