Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) overcomes these 5 business challenges

By Jason Meyers

The right Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution takes a holistic approach spanning the entire value chain.

It’s not enough to only focus on the automation of manufacturing processes or on the cost and efficiency of individual production operations.

When choosing MOM software, the right choice will help companies face these five common business challenges.

Challenge #1: Supply chain efficiency

Supply chain efficiency is greatly affected by how the business level and the shop floor interact. Any disconnect between business-level systems and control systems slows supply chain operations. MOM provides a streamlined and efficient go-between contributing to a better supply chain.

Challenge #2: New conditions and market requirements

In manufacturing, the ability to adapt to new conditions and requirements is paramount to success. A MOM system provides the flexibility to quickly meet new product specifications, quality procedures, or new standards, so manufacturers can move faster than their competitors, giving them an edge. Manufacturers not only stay competitive, but they discover significant cost savings, too.

Challenge #3: Productions processes at different plants

A MOM solution can guarantee uniform, consistent production procedures across every plant, ensuring consistent quality regardless of origin of manufacture. Control systems and business systems alone cannot solve these problems. A structured and modeled environment is required to coordinate the production processes seamlessly.

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Challenge #4: New regulations

Established standards and regulations like ISO and VDA exist to guarantee high-quality products. New regulations and the need for exhaustive materials traceability are substantially affecting manufacturing procedures. MOM can help achieve compliance and maintain full accountability of materials.

Challenge #5: Being more customer-oriented

Standardized monolithic processes represent a barrier to implementing an efficient system capable of adapting to changes from customers. MOM can make systems more flexible and adaptable to meet customers’ growing demands. A fully optimized digital enterprise is better equipped to rapidly respond to market changes and realize innovations customers demand.

A complete manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution designed to work for you

Focusing on MOM provides solutions to a number of business problems, production challenges, and IT issues simultaneously.

A complete MOM solution digitalizes advanced planning and scheduling, manufacturing execution, quality management, and manufacturing intelligence to drive operational excellence across the board.

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