TLA winner for Computers, Blades & Servers, Memory Systems

By Casey Silbernagel

This is part of a series of blogs showcasing the winning designs from the 28th PCB Technology Leadership Awards.

The winner in the Computers, Blade & Servers, Memory Systems category for the 28th Technology Leadership Awards, is the ZTE team out of China!

Design team

  • Zhang Meijuan, Guo Qian, Yao Xueying, Fan Xiaxia, Meng Liqiang, Ao Xiaodong & Zhang Hailong


  • Dual-use server for data processing or data storage


  • Signal integrity, power integrity, cost, fabrication, assembly, test, reliability
  • High-speed routing
  • High density
  • Extensive cross-team collaboration

Design flow

  • Xpedition Enterprise

Comments from our industry judges

  • This particular winner in this category for Computer Blades & Servers was a very impressive design.
  • One of the features of note was what’s known as spread weave type of routing whereby the routing, much of it differential pairs, was routed at offset angles to mitigate some inter-pair skew between the pairs.
  • Large design, nicely done!

About the Technology Leadership Awards

The competition, which started in 1988, is the longest running of its kind in the EDA industry.  Design teams who use Mentor/Siemens solutions submit their designs, and are awarded by an independent panel of industry-expert judges for overcoming the most extreme challenges facing PCB design teams today.

To learn about more about the other winners watch the announcement webinar with some of our industry judges here.

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