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An exploration of wire harness engineering

While wire harness engineering faces shorter program launch cycles and increasing price pressure, coupled with increasing product and configuration complexity,…

What a Siemens Capital cloud-based deployment offers

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Heart Aerospace electric Airplane

Electrifying news for greener flight: Heart Aerospace selects Capital for E/E system design of new electric airplane

Swedish electric airplane maker Heart Aerospace, with the mission to create the world’s greenest, most affordable and most accessible form…


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Rear view of luxury car illustrating Model-based design approach

Capital Systems Integrator: Solving for complexity with a platform generative flow

A generative flow approach enables “correct-by-construction” design by automatically generating accurate 150% wiring to support all allowable configurations Modern vehicles…

capital publisher service documentation

The importance of accurate, flexible, smart automotive service deliverables and documentation

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Key challenges facing the wiring harness industry

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heavy equipment and off highway vehicle

What makes E/E systems for heavy equipment and off-highway vehicles unique?

Complexity is expanding in E/E systems for heavy equipment and off-highway vehicles due to the very same reasons it is…