Capital and Plant Simulation for the wire harness business

By Sarah Bartash

The continually evolving automotive industry, especially the wire harness business, is facing multiple challenges. This is owed to the demand for advanced features, the advent of  Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving and the growing need for electrification. These mega trends directly impact and create the need for a highly sophisticated automotive electrical and electronic system, placing great emphasis on the wire harness.

Watch this webinar to learn about the challenges facing the wire harness industry and how digitalization holds the key to overcoming these challenges.

Conventional wire harness design and manufacturing methods are starting to creak under the weight of these new challenges. Siloed domains, working with outdated legacy systems lead to an error-prone and incoherent data flow, thereby directly impacting quality and cost. The accelerating pace of program milestones also means that engineers have little time to optimize the manufacturing process, leading to a suboptimal process from the beginning.

Tackling such challenges whilst remaining profitable, calls for a complete business transformation. Digitalizing the wire harness business is no longer a question of ‘Should we?’, it is more about ‘How fast can we?’.

This webinar sheds light on the growing need for digitalization in the harness industry and how Siemens’ advanced harness design and manufacturing engineering solutions help companies transform challenges into competitive advantages.

What you will learn?

  • Challenges in the wire harness business
  • How digitalization holds the key to overcoming these challenges
  • Capital and Plant Simulation use cases to help digitalize the wire harness business

Watch the Webinar→ Digitalizing the Wire Harness Business

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