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By Sarah Bartash

2022 has come and gone. Through it all, Capital, Siemen’s comprehensive E/E systems development solution, continued to help leading aerospace and defense companies with the design, manufacture, and service of their electrical systems. Also, it assisted customers by encompassing E/E system and software architectures, network communications, and embedded software development.

Yesterday we explored the top automotive resources from last year. Today, check out some of the best resources for the aerospace and defense industry from the past 12 months.

1. White Paper: Aerospace electrical system design and integration

A formula for success as complexity increases in aerospace must include harness installation design. The design for a wiring harness installation can be as complicated as the selection of components for the harness itself.

Each signal, and the wiring harness that carries it, can and will transition through multiple environmental zones. Each zone has a unique installation and component requirements. Signals which transition multiple zones also require wires, connection devices and covering selections. Accordingly, this is so that they will “be of a kind and design appropriate to its intended function (pdf).”

A critical aspect of the installation is the “competition for space” with all other design disciplines. These other disciplines are also attempting to install things like equipment, cables and fluid carrying lines. This competition requires that each area of the aircraft have a “zonal manager” that plays traffic cop to ensure the safe and repeatable installation of all components, including the electrical harness. Interested in learning how? Check out one of our top aerospace papers!

2.  White Paper: Aircraft electrical systems

Learn how to maintain digital continuity through the engineering lifecycle with a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to model-based electrical/electronic (MBEE) approach to electrical systems integration. Download the PDF to learn more. This white paper describes the MBSE to MBEE process that enables the best of both worlds in an integrated flow. Learn how you can achieve key model-based engineering goals in the areas of Compliance, Cost, Safety, Efficiency, PLE – Re-use of assets across platforms, tied into configuration management, and Silos of change across all E/E domains.

3. White Paper: Aerospace E/E Systems Design

Siemens Capital enables Aerospace and Defense OEMs to become digital enterprises, with an integrated solution that eliminates boundaries between all phases of E/E systems development – from E/E architecture design and assessment, through E/E system design and implementation, testing and validation. With Capital, organizations can push the boundaries of what’s possible and innovate safe, compliant, high-performing, reliable systems for next generation aircraft.

To learn more about how Siemens’ technology enables System Driven Electrical, Electronics, Network & Software Design, download our whitepaper.

4. Webinar: Reducing aircraft operating costs: How documentation and diagnostics can improve your bottom line

When you transform your service/maintenance output you gain the control to minimize risk and take a step closer to maintenance efficiency.

In this webinar, discover the impact technical information has on maintenance efficiency increasing ‘Right First Time’ repair processing. We’ll demonstrate how to Create logical, meaningful, linked data to provide information only for the tail number you are working on. This removes the manual and mental task of searching for the correct applicable data in the heat of the moment. You can also use a robust and repeatable methodology that enables re-use of engineering data within Capital Publisher to produce rich, cross-linked technical service content tailored to your brand/corporate identity delivered by your customers and repair/maintenance colleges fit for purpose.

5. Webinar: A model-based approach to eVTOL development

Is your company preparing for a future in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft? Are you among the more than 300 companies that have embarked on eVTOL development? Would you like to see how to use the power of a model-based approach that delivers the advantages of digitalized business processes in a startup setting to achieve fast and accurate E/E system development?

From first concept through prototyping and developmental test flight, challenges abound! Watch this webinar to see how a model-based approach to E/E systems development turns eVTOL aircraft development challenges into opportunities

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