Firewalling cybersecurity threats for connected cars

By Heather George


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Securing vehicle communication networks with firewalls

Vehicle network security requirements are becoming more stringent, with vehicle systems facing hostile adversaries through various entry points. White-hat hackers have demonstrated gaining remote access to dashboard functions and transmissions of connected vehicles and in response to the posed threats, governments worldwide are legislating liabilities for self-driving vehicles – US SELF DRIVE act of 2017 being an example. That makes firewall a vital component of a multi-layered approach to vehicle security as well as overall vehicle safety and reliability.

Implement cybersecurity in AUTOSAR based ECUs learnings:

  • Internet-based threat analysis over packets with malicious contents, denial of service (DoS) attacks, broadcast storms, and packet flood conditions.
  • Firewall design considerations including rule-based filtering, stateful packet inspection, deep packet inspection, threshold filtering, and protocol filtering.
  • Automotive use-cases for firewall incorporation into relevant ISO/AUTOSAR standards.
  • Practical design examples from in-production OEM flagship projects over firewall integration into existing ECU systems.

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