Discussing Custom IC Verification with Taiwan Semiconductor Community

By Pradeep Thiagarajan

Taiwan is an inspiration to many countries that aspire to build or expand their semiconductor ecosystem. Although a small nation, it is home to some of the world’s finest semiconductor companies, including pure play foundries, IDMs, IC design, packaging, testing, equipment, materials and electronics manufacturing, all of which advance Taiwan’s economy in a well-knit supportive fashion. The Taiwan semiconductor ecosystem is over 190+ companies long as listed by TSIA (Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association) that promotes the cooperation among different sectors in Taiwan and in a global setting.

According to Counterpointresearch, 65% of the global semiconductor foundry revenue is shared by TSMC and UMC. This directly contributed to Taiwan’s semiconductor output value totaling USD 174.8 billion, reflecting a 17% share of the worldwide value-chain share in 2022, per the research by Digitimes. It is noteworthy that semi powerhouses such as MediaTek, Nvidia, Novatek, Amkor, Faraday, RealTek and many others mark their footprint in this advanced semiconductor nation.

Accelerated Time to Market, with “First Time Right” mindset to create products with better PPA, amidst increasing technical complexity, is the dream of any IC enterprise. At Siemens EDA, we are invested in making that dream a reality by providing design creation, verification and design-to-silicon infrastructure, while continually upgrading them for next-generation needs. Therein lies our Custom IC Verification Solutions (Siemens EDA) (CICV) that uses AI-powered technology to facilitate robust designing of analog, mixed-signal, RF, custom digital and standard cell circuitry.

Siemens hosted an all-day seminar in Hsinchu, Taiwan on June 27th with spotlight on its CICV Platform. Nothing beats meeting directly with clients to explain the value of our products, while understanding their evolving IC requirements and pain points. Nina Lin (Vice President, General Manager of Taiwan & PacRim South, Siemens) provided an inspiring keynote, following which Wei-Lii Tan, Daniel Blakely and I discussed our comprehensive CICV portfolio of intelligent solutions for fast, accurate and scalable verification of IC designs, with emphasis on differentiation, versatility and ease of use. Our experienced and friendly Applications engineering team led by Dave Sheng paved the way with relationships to create a successful seminar with the Taiwan semiconductor community!

Event Details

Presented Topics

  • Innovate Circuits with AFS XT Platform’s Versatile Verification Capabilities
  • Achieving Brute Force-Accurate Variation Analysis Faster with AI-Powered Solido Variation Designer
  • The Criticality of Mixed-Signal Verification in Modern-Day SoCs
  • 100X faster .lib production and verification with Solido Characterization Suite
  • Utilizing Comprehensive IP QA to Improve Time-to-Market and Ensure Silicon Success

For further understanding of our products or to discuss partnerships, please contact us or your local Siemens EDA representative.

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