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By Design With Calibre

Are you a visual learner? Lots of folks are—they understand and retain instructions much more easily when they can watch a visual demonstration of a process. That’s one reason why we created the IC Nanometer Design video channel on YouTube. With dozens of short, informative How-To videos to choose from, you can find a video that addresses almost any question you might have about using the Calibre nmPlatform toolsuite.

For example, here’s a couple of popular How-To videos:

Don’t want to hunt through all the videos to find those related to a specific topic area? We’ve got you covered there, too, with collated playlists of videos that focus on related processes, such as working with LEF/DEF data in Calibre:

You can opt to watch all the videos in a playlist in sequence, or choose a single video from the list. It’s the information you need, when and how you need it.

You can use these videos for instantaneous coaching when you’re stuck on a specific task, or as an ongoing learning tool to expand your expertise with the Calibre nmPlatform toolset. And we’re constantly adding new videos, so if you don’t see the topic you need today, it may well be there tomorrow. Oh, you want to know when new videos are available? That’s just as easy! You can subscribe to the entire IC Nanometer Design channel, or to individual playlists. You’ll get notifications every time a new video is added to your selected subscription(s).

How to become a power user of the Calibre nmPlatform? Start visiting or subscribe to the IC Nanometer Design video channel today!

Do you have an idea or a request for future How To videos? Let us know in the comments what you want to see next!

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