Announcing Calibre RealTime Digital launch – with presentations at DAC!

By Design With Calibre

Mentor has launched a new product – Calibre RealTime Digital!

This good news means that Calibre RealTime Digital now provides immediate Calibre sign-off DRC checking in P&R, enabling physical design and verification engineers to shave weeks off their tapeout cycle. The joint press quote from Inphi and Mentor can be found here and for more information on the product, please visit the Calibre RealTime Digital Product page on  Both Qualcomm and Inphi will be presenting their Calibre RealTime Digital success stories at the DAC Mentor booth later this month, detailing how Calibre RealTime Digital helped them cut weeks off their tape-out cycle. We look forward to seeing you at these booth sessions!

The schedule for the Calibre RealTime Digital DAC Mentor booth sessions is as follows:

  • Saving weeks off the physical design implementation cycle: Qualcomm’s experience using Calibre RealTime Digital

    • Monday June 25, 10am
    • Tuesday June 26, 3pm
    • Wednesday June 27, 2pm
  • How Inphi uses Calibre RealTime Digital to improve the time to tapeout digital designs

    • Tuesday June 26, 4pm
    • Wednesday June 27,  10am

And more good  news – both Inphi and Qualcomm sessions at DAC are still available so register to attend these sessions now!


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