Video: Simcenter Cloud HPC on AWS – a more accessible, flexible and scalable SaaS simulation solution

By Scott Salzwedel

By now you’ve heard stories or perhaps experienced firsthand what it’s like to work in the cloud. Individuals, teams and companies of all sizes are enjoying the advantages and benefits of SaaS and cloud-based computing.

Perhaps one area with the most impressive gains is in the realm of simulation.

With the unlimited capacity of Amazon Web Services (AWS) behind it, Simcenter Cloud HPC gives teams new freedom to scale up their simulations to model more complexity and go faster. Users can scale out to explore more possibilities simultaneously. And everyone gains the confidence that simulations are optimized on hardware pre-configured and managed by Siemens.

Simcenter’s Alex Read explains the combined power of
Simcenter Cloud HPC and AWS

In this four-minute video, Alex Read, Vice President, Simcenter Industry Strategy, discusses how Simcenter Cloud HPC, as a SaaS offering on AWS, allows users the flexibility of taking simulations to the next level, delivering a higher number of designs and simulations that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. He also mentions two key factors around the Simcenter and AWS partnership. It’s a quick video, worth your time.

Watch the video now:

A key component of the Siemens Xcelerator
open digital business platform

As part of the Siemens Xcelerator open digital business platform, Simcenter Cloud HPC helps to expedite the digital transformation. On AWS Cloud, users can integrate simulation across a variety of domains and disciplines. Companies are able to incorporate simulations throughout the entire product design process – utilizing both the comprehensive digital twin and digital threads from Siemens.

Simcenter Cloud HPC has been designed and architected to provide a robust and dependable HPC service for all users. Privacy, security and availability are top priorities. It combines knowledge and best practices developed by the Siemens and AWS collaboration that dates back many, many years.

Please take a minute to watch the video.

Remember, you can always visit the Siemens and AWS partnership website.

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