GenAI steals the show at AWS re:Invent Las Vegas. Why it’s a sure bet.

By Scott Salzwedel

In early December of last year, the Las Vegas strip was the place to be. The excitement. The turbo-charged atmosphere. The anticipation of what might happen next. The scene was electric.

No, it wasn’t a David Copperfield extreme magic act. No, it wasn’t 10,000 Elvis impersonators appearing on stage all at the same time.

Not even close…

What I’m talking about is the 12th annual event of AWS’s biggest (and grandest) cloud conference of the year: AWS re:Invent 2023. It’s the premier global conference for cloud computing and digital transformation.

And the one take-away among the 60,000+ attendees? Of the keynote speakers, technologists, industry experts, thought leaders and cloud professionals from around the world who gathered to discover and share the latest developments and breakthroughs? Of those who attended to network with colleagues and meet friends old and new?

The one take-away is generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is here to stay. In a big way. You can bet on it.

What makes AWS re:Invent so special?

During the first day of the conference it became clear that the goal was to spark new ideas through learning and understanding. It was a unique opportunity for companies of all sizes to learn how to maximize their SaaS solutions for the ultimate ROI. And of course, to learn the latest products and services AWS has to offer, which spans every aspect of product design, manufacturing, factory automation, supply chains, end-of-life, sustainability and more.

The Siemens and AWS collaboration was on display as well. Through our Siemens Xcelerator digital business platform, Siemens makes cloud computing and SaaS adoption possible for large, enterprise clients, SMBs of all sizes – and the start-ups who want to quickly compete on the global stage. Attendees who stopped by our booth had a chance to see how our highly successful Siemens Xcelerator and our SaaS portfolio of industry software, Siemens Xcelerator as a Service, accelerate digital transformation. Much of the success we see today with our customers has everything to do with moving to the cloud and employing Siemens SaaS solutions powered by AWS Cloud. Attendees were also treated to our Siemens and AWS electronic billboard display. Outside, as you walked from one venue to the next, you couldn’t help but notice this unique form of communication highlighting the Siemens and AWS partnership.

If you were unable to attend the show, but want to see the digital billboard, click here.

The GenAI buzz

These days GenAI is the talk of the town. Its emergence has stirred intense discussion extolling both its positive and negative virtues. While we’re still in the early stages, one thing is certain: today’s tech companies are embracing GenAI and moving forward in ways which can benefit and enrich our lives – on both a professional and personal scale.

And the research backs it up. According to a study by Goldman Sachs Research, breakthroughs in GenAI can bring unprecedented change to the world economy. As new tools are introduced that utilize natural language processing (NLP), GenAI and NLP could drive a seven percent increase in global GDP. We’re talking about a massive growth in productivity over a ten-year period. That seven percent equates to an additional seven trillion dollars added to the global economy.

Walking around AWS re:Invent you could feel the buzz everywhere.

Tony Hemmelgarn talks SaaS on the big stage

Innovation Talk: Tony Hemmelgarn, CEO Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Siemens is on a mission to create a better future where any company anywhere can turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s breakthrough products and experiences. Our customers are faced with unrelenting waves of technology and challenges that range from GenAI, IT/OT convergence, the industrial metaverse and sustainability to name a few. Make no mistake, Siemens SaaS solutions – Teamcenter X and Mendix – along with other Siemens SaaS solutions are more integrated with AWS Cloud than ever before to address these challenges head-on. Our SaaS solutions, by the day, are becoming more integrated with GenAI.

Here’s the link to Tony’s presentation describing how Siemens and AWS are making it happen.

Siemens’ Rainer Brehm on the magic behind IT/OT convergence

Innovation Talk: Rainer Brehm, CEO Siemens Factory Automation

Siemens customers are constantly facing new challenges to boost productivity, flexibility and sustainability across the entire production process. To help our customers move forward, we’ve expanded our OT portfolio by integrating IT capabilities and the latest SaaS offerings for new levels of automation.

Watch Rainer’s presentation here.

Other sessions involving Siemens and AWS:

“Democratizing the digital twin for small and medium businesses” by Rahul Garg, SMB Business, Siemens Digital Industries
“Accelerate shop floor digitalization with edge-to-cloud data integration” with Nicolas Puoyez, Head of IoT Industrial Edge at AWS and Torben Poertner, VP Edge Ecosystem, Siemens Factory Automation
“Accelerating the migration of large-scale SAP systems to AWS” with Marc Wagener, Head Digital Infrastructure Services, Siemens Smart Infrastructure and Vimal Jain, Senior SAP Consultant, AWS
“Siemens Healthineers: How to achieve citizen integration at scale” by Rohit Agrawal, Global Head of Hybrid Cloud, Siemens Healthineers
“How Siemens and Petco drive enterprise transformation with data & AI” with Adam Kaufman, RVP Global Head of Industry GTM, Snowflake, Piyush Singhal, Head of Enterprise Data, Engineering, Platform and Architecture, Petco and Christian Meyer, Chief Technology Architect, Siemens

The Siemens and AWS collaboration continues
to reach new heights

Siemens won two highly coveted Partner of the Year awards from AWS during the show. Award winners are recognized as leaders for playing a key role in helping customers drive innovation and build solutions on AWS Cloud. These awards are judged by a neutral, third-party governing body which adds even greater credibility. The AWS Partner Awards recognize partners whose business models continue to evolve and thrive on the AWS ecosystem as they work with customers.

The Siemens awards include:

Industry Partner of the Year – Manufacturing & Industrial – Global
This award recognizes top AWS partners with the AWS manufacturing and industrial competency who provide solutions supporting several categories. A few of these categories include: Engineering and Design, Smart Manufacturing (Robotics, Worker Safety, and Productivity), Smart Product and Services, Enterprise Solutions, Operational Technology Security, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, and Operational Technology for an end-to-end value chain. 

Design Partner of the Year – Global
Another global award given to Siemens is the Design Partner of the Year award which recognizes organizations that develop software or hardware devices that run on or are integrated with AWS. Winners have achieved a marque design win in either a software and/or hardware product built on or with AWS. There’s more great news.

Siemens also maintains a finalist status for three more AWS Partner Awards: 1) Industry Partner of the Year – Automotive – Global; 2) Aerospace and Satellite Partner of the Year – Global; and 3) ISV Partner of the Year – Global.

Create some magic of your own when you
transform the everyday with Siemens and AWS

This year’s AWS re:Invent spanned six major venues and pretty much consumed the entire Las Vegas strip. The atmosphere inside and out was electric with excitement. Magic was in the air – the kind of magic that’s based on new surprises, innovation and doing the unexpected. It’s creating something that empowers the workforce or delivers success for a company in ways never imagined.

If you were not familiar with the Siemens and AWS collaboration, perhaps now you can see the critical role Siemens and AWS play in transforming the everyday for our customers. AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform with over 200 fully featured data centers across the globe. From agile start-ups, small- to medium-sized businesses, established enterprises to leading government agencies – people are using AWS to lower costs and gain new levels of agility and efficiency.

In this world of ever-increasing complexity – and now with the emergence of GenAI – it’s critical to align with proven and trusted partners we can deliver digital innovation and transformation faster, more efficiently and in a way that’s compatible to the unique challenges of each and every customer.

Visit the official Siemens and AWS website for more information. You can also check out our latest Siemens AWS blogs here.

There’s also a Siemens and CIMdata co-authored white paper that discusses the advantages of the Siemens and AWS collaboration. Don’t forget the just-released Siemens Teamcenter X white paper is now available as well.

Finally, for a deeper discussion on the advantages of the Siemens and AWS partnership, please download our Siemens and AWS collaboration white paper.

Now it’s your turn to shine on the big stage and show the world what you’re capable of achieving in the cloud.

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