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Zel X on tablet

Introducing Zel X | Everything you need to know

We’re excited to share that Zel X is here. The upcoming release of our one-of-a-kind web-based engineering platform is packed with new features and…

Schuster Mechanical improves machine shop productivity with Zel X

In the northern suburb of Metro Detroit resides a former CNC programmer at a major automotive company: Bob Schuster, and…

View and markup made easy with Zel X

The view and markup process is paramount to the success and efficiency of any manufacturing or design business. Zel X…

New in Zel X: December 2023 release

The latest version of Zel X was released in December and includes several enhancements and new functionalities designed to improve and streamline manufacturing, operations, collaboration, design and simulation for smaller businesses and departments.

Zel X - Digitizing manufacturing

Shop Data Management: Manufacturing Digitization

The job shop evolution  There has been a push in recent years for manufacturing processes to go digital, such as…

Cradle Support: Simplifying CNC Programming for Efficient Machining 

In the world of CNC programming, efficiency on the shop floor is paramount. Siemens has addressed this need by creating…

New in Zel X: September release

The largest release of Zel X to date recently launched introducing new functionalities and enhanced tools specifically designed to help smaller businesses and engineering departments create, optimize and collaborate from any device at any time.

The ease of setting up model-based CAM in Zel X

In Zel X spend less time programming and more time machining with model-based CAM. For every complicated part in a…

Zel X holiday savings: How to find the best deals on contract and part manufacturing software this Cyber Monday

Start your digital transformation journey with Zel X to automate collaboration, mechanical design, simulation, manufacturing, and shop operations. Learn how you can save big with special discounts this year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.