The Open Enterprise: Openness within the organization

By Steve Hartman

Openness is about living in a world where no one company owns all the data flows and applications within a business.

Allan Behrens, Managing Director at Taxal

Large enterprises can have thousands of contracts out to suppliers and there can be countless requirements from customers, all of which means a lot of variability across the product lifecycle chain. This requires a data distribution integration strategy that’s open to connect all the pieces to ensure business objectives are met.

In this four-part series, Allan Behrens, Managing Director at Taxal, speaks with some industry leaders to define openness, how it impacts collaboration and how today’s open enterprises are setting up for success in the digital future.

If you haven’t watched the first two episodes in the series, you can watch them in the previous blog: The Open Enterprise: What is Openness?

Watch episode three here.

Behrens discusses the importance of openness within the organization with Paul Nelson – Chief Technical Strategist, Tech Fellow at Northrop Grumman and Dale Tutt – Vice President Aerospace and Defense Industry – Siemens

Watch episode four now.

Behrens discusses openness within the tools and software within a company with Matthew Hicks – Engineering Director – D2H Advanced Technologies and Dave Forester – Head of Lightworks – Siemens Digital Industries Software

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