The Open Enterprise: What is Openness?

By Steve Hartman

Given the recent changes to work-at-home dynamics, weaknesses in our working practice and the technology we use have become much more noticeable.

Allan Behrens, Managing Director at Taxal

We need technology to step up and deliver, seamlessly and without a burden on our time, cost or infrastructure.

We need to think about openness.

What is openness?

How will it improve workflows and better our experiences?

In this four-part series, Allan Behrens, Managing Director at Taxal, speaks with some industry leaders to define openness, how it impacts collaboration and how today’s open enterprises are setting up for success in the digital future.

Openness impacts companies both internally through tools and engineering domains, as well as suppliers, vendors, customers and more. Watch this series and learn more about the Open Enterprise.

The Open Enterprise: Allan Behrens discusses the open enterprise with Suzanne Kopcha – Vice President, Consumer Products & Retail at Siemens and Tony Saldanha – President of Transformant.

Openness means we can better use our technologies and can avoid the thorny issues of forced vendor constraints and proprietary lock-in. It also facilitates the often-complex collaborations and interactions among companies, suppliers, partners, ecosystems, customers, etc.

In this second episode, Behrens dives deeper into what it means to be an open enterprise with an open ecosystem and the importance of connecting companies, ecosystems and partners together.

Watch episode two now.

Behrens discusses openness between companies and their ecosystem with Dan Primrose – Founder of Light Black Design and Edward Bernardon – Vice President, Strategic Automotive Initiatives at Siemens

The conversation continues…

Click here for episodes three and four of the Open Enterprise.

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