To Displaced Workers: We’ve Got Your Back

By Siemens Xcelerator Academy

What goes up must come down?! This too shall pass – A message of hope for displaced workers.

Unfortunately, it seems every day we are reading about economic slowdowns and layoffs at major corporations. We all know of someone (you might be that someone) who now is in this tough situation. Although those displaced may not have had anything to do with the fact that they are the chosen one this time, at the end we are all responsible for our own career and life journey.

If this is you, or someone you know who is sitting with the tough news about your job, keep on reading.  When one door closes another will open?  It helps doing a little research to see what the market is showing as HOT and what skills are in high demand.  It is never too late to learn so a great option might be to train and upskill your personal portfolio.

We at Siemens EDA training want you to know that we have your back. We are ready to invest in you by providing a NO COST self-paced training through our Displaced Worker community service program. We can offer the training you need, get you ready to take on a new assignment and help you create a more exciting career taking advantage of your newly acquired skills!

Our Displaced Worker program will provide you complimentary access to our On Demand Training Libraries.  This training also comes with full virtual access to labs on our software so you can really put those skills to test. Speaking of test, we also have exams at the end of most classes. Once you pass the test (you can try as many times as you like) you get an authenticated Digital Badge that you can share on LinkedIn and other social media with your network.  Celebrating your success with your network can help you expand your reach and who knows what opportunities your network might think of matching you with.

Qualifying, for the displaced worker, is easy. Send your resume and request for the On-Demand Library to us at . If you are unsure which library to request take a look at our @OneGlance learning maps

Don’t think it can happen?! Here is a testimonial from one of our own –

“There was a downward turn in the economy and the market flooded with displaced workers. Applying for the displaced worker program changed the entire trajectory of my career path. As a direct result of this program, I was able to learn new skills and was hired into a great company. Since then, I have continued working in EDA and have enjoyed years of rewarding career all thanks to the upskilling that was possible through the Displaced Worker program.”   Jayson Harames, Application Engineer Consultant at Siemens Electronic Board systems

Thank you for reading our blog. Once we receive your request you will soon be on your way in learning new skills. You own your future, and we want to support you with this free offer to bolster your skillset.


Deb Taylor, Operations Manager, Siemens EDA Learning Services

Bonnie Willoughby, Director, Siemens EDA Learning Services

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