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Siemens EDA Badging Anniversary: Build Your Brand-Shape Your Future 

Happy anniversary Siemens EDA Digital Badging!

There is no shortage of advice & long well written articles on resilience and why it is an important trait.   When we come across role models and listen to the stories of their failures, resilience, and eventual success, we pause (or we should anyways!) to shine the light inside and self-evaluate.   How often are we willing to take chances, try something new, fail, and learn to stand even stronger?  

We at Siemens EDA training want to be a part of the story of your resilience. 

As we celebrate our first-year anniversary of digital badging and Level 1 Certification we want to give you a chance to fall 8 times and get up 9.  YES!  Just in one short year we have gone from a couple of exams to 50+ exams available for our courses.  You can take any of the exams without even taking a class.

You have nothing to lose as you can fail the exam as many times as you want, maybe you decide you want to study the content of our self-paced ODT (On-Demand Training) a little and then take the test again.  We know that you will be able to pass with flying colors.  Passing the course exam will give you the ability to claim a personalized, authenticated digital badge that you can share with your network if you wish.  Whether you are a young student, an old-time experienced user of our products, or somewhere in between you have the chance to test your own knowledge.  The exam and the digital badge you will earn are free.  No obligation no cost.  If you do decide you want to sign up for a class, we have many ODT offerings or Virtual Instructor-Led classes that you can sign up for.  

Help us celebrate our first-year anniversary by taking your first exam and join the thousands who claimed their badges from us over the last year.  We want you to be a part of our celebration and will award a free ODT class for 30 days to anyone who takes their exam and is unable to pass.  Email us at and include a screen shot of your failed record to receive this free ODT offer.  Wait, we want to reward you also if you pass.  Email us the claimed and shared badge and get two free ODT classes for 30 days access.  Offer ends Dec 1, 2022 and cannot be combined with any other offers. *Other restrictions might apply.

Author: Bonnie Willoughby, Customer Training Group Director, Siemens EDA Learning Services

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