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Navigating the Road to Functional Safety

By Harry Foster

One example of increasing requirements that are contributing to growing electronic system complexity relates to safety-critical designs, such as ISO 26262, Road vehicles – Functional safety. ISO 26262 is an international standard defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for functional safety of electrical and/or electronic systems. Adherence to the standard provides unique challenges to companies who have previously developed automotive products as well as companies looking to enter into the automotive market. Ensuring that products meet safety requirements, are deployed on time, and within their budget requires a holistic methodology that spans across planning, design, and verification. But a question often heard from many engineers trying to get their heads around the ISO 26262 process is “where do I start?” To address this, we have launched a new course out on the Verification Academy titled Introduction to ISO 26262.

The purpose of this course is to provide engineers and managers with a basic understanding of the key concepts of ISO 26262. This includes information on the scope of the standard, how the standard addresses the broader automotive supply chain, and key requirements defined at each phase of the product lifecycle

The first video session in the course, ISO 26262 in Simple Terms, provides you with an understanding of the core mission, scope, and key concepts of ISO 26262. While the second video session, Requirements Management, teaches you the workflow of requirements, the artifacts that must be captured to successfully pass an assessment, and the importance of automated data management. Upcoming video sessions will cover multiple aspects of the ISO 26262 process, such as: safety planning, safety analysis, safety insertion, and safety verification.

In addition to our new Introduction to ISO 26262 course, we offer seven functional safety on-demand technical sessions:

Plus, we offer twenty white papers, fifteen published articles, eight blogs, and a myriad of other resources focused on functional safety. All this is free and available to you out on the Verification Academy. Check us out!

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