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Automotive IC Design Workshop

By Dennis Brophy

Join us Thursday, November 21, 2019 at our offices in Fremont, CA for the Mentor and TowerJazz Automotive Workshop.

Register here!  The Workshop will cover the full Automotive IC design cycle from front-end design and verification tools that are ISO 26262-certified, silicon test and yield analysis to IC verification tuned with TowerJazz physical design kits that allow first time success for automotive design.

It’s no secret that silicon content in an automobile represents an ever increasing percentage of total cost.  The silicon content comes in all forms from the mundane to the exceptional.  As the exceptional elements drive us ever closer to fully autonomous systems, the complexity of such solutions see the rise of improved communication systems into, out of and within the automobile; the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to relieve an operator of “driving,” which has captivated the imagination of so many startups around the world that there is an almost “Gold Rush” stampede to see who can be the first to this or offer the best of that.

For those of us designing these complex systems for the automotive market there are distinct challenges that the consumer market would not tolerate.  You may not want to forgive your smartphone when it fails, but you do to get a new and improved version. Have you abandoned checking the smartphone processor GHz speed in favor of neural engine operations per second.  How many trillion can your smartphone do a second?

Juxtapose the 1-3 year smartphone lifecycle to that of an automobile and we only start to count automotive IC design considerations that represent business and technical challenges.  Automobiles are expected to have a much longer life.  At the same time, automobiles are advancing their own neural engine operations per second.  One day, “zero to 60” may be replaced with TOPS ratings too.  Does you autonomous vehicle neural engine run at over 100 TOPS?  While consumer nomenclature and measures are changing, so must the reliability and quality of silicon not just when it is manufactured or used early in its life, but as it ages in the automobiles.  And that is just scratching the surface of reliability and failure mode analysis needs.  When something fails, will it fail gracefully?

To delve deeper into this, Mentor is teaming with TowerJazz, the Analog Specialty foundry leader, on an Automotive IC Design Workshop to discuss the differences between automotive and non-automotive products from the standpoint of guidelines for physical and environmental mission-profile reliability qualification success criteria. The workshop will help you learn about design tools capabilities to support automotive IC design that enable first time design success.

The Mentor and TowerJazz Automotive Workshop will be held Thursday, November 21, 2019 at Mentor’s office in Fremont, CA from 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM.  For more information and registration details, click here!  We look forward to see you.

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