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Back to School: How to Educate Yourself and Your Colleagues About Formal and CDC Verification

By Joe Hupcey III

Back to School!Now that summer is over and the kids are settled into their classrooms, it’s a great time for grown-ups to go back to school themselves by taking advantage of new Verification Academy events and courses. Specifically, the Questa Formal and CDC instructors have been working hard over the past spring and summer to create new training materials for both novices and intermediate students alike. We welcome you to take advantage of the following educational resources.

* Attend the upcoming Verification Academy Live: Formal Seminars in Fremont, CA on Tuesday October 6 or in Austin, TX on Thursday October 8.  The agenda and registration links to these free events (including lunch) is posted here:–formal-technology-seminar


* If you can’t make it to an in-person seminar, over the summer Verification Academy instructors have been busy adding all new courses on Formal and CDC-related topics – spanning automated applications to direct use of formal:

Getting Started with Formal-Based Technology

Formal Assertion-Based Verification

Formal-Based Technology: Automatic Formal Solutions

Clock-Domain Crossing Verification and Power Aware CDC Verification


* If you were not one of the 100’s of visitors to the Verification Academy booth at DAC 2015, the good news is that all the “Formal Day” presentations are online now.  Abstracts, slides, and videos are available here:


* For current Questa Formal and CDC users, remember that there are numerous quick start guides, product usage tutorials, and methodology app notes that are shipped with the product.

“Home page” for all tutorials and quick start guides: $QHOME/share/doc/index.html
Tutorials: $QHOME/share/examples/tutorials
Quick start guides: $QHOME/share/examples/doc/pdfdocs


* Last but not least, SupportNet hosts the latest app notes, tutorials, and product documentation:


Hurry – the bell is ringing, and you don’t want to be late for class!

Joe Hupcey III,
on behalf of the Questa Formal and CDC team


P.S. Outside of the Verification Academy, there is a new book out on formal verification by experienced formal practitioners Erik Seligman, Tom Schubert, and M V Achutha Kiran Kumar titled, Formal Verification: An Essential Toolkit for Modern VLSI Design. My colleagues have reviewed it, and they have high praise for its prose and examples.

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