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UVM Register Package Candidate News

By Dennis Brophy


Mentor Announces Collaboration with Synopsys on Joint Register Package Candidate

Mentor has recently teamed with Synopsys to collaborate on the Synopsys RAL candidate to provide extensions that meet our register package requirements.  Because of this, it allowed us to withdraw our candidate from consideration by the Accellera VIP-TSC recently.

Further, as part of the Accellera VIP-TSC UVM development process, a request was made for companies that would have candidate solutions to hold public review meetings to share high-level information about their proposals.  There is such a review meeting for this candidate on Wednesday, 8 September 2010 at 8am PDT.

You are invited to join the presentation on WebEx and listen live on the teleconference by Mentor’s Tom Fitzpatrick and Synopsys’ Janick Bergeron as they cover the details of Synopsys RAL for UVM.  For more information on the event, visit the Main UVM Forum on by clicking here.

There are more elements to UVM 1.0 that are not part of a public review process and I invite you to visit the committee website where you can find official status on Accellera UVM development or to participate in the committee.  The committee website is located at

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