UVM Adoption: Go Native-UVM or use OVM Compatibility Kit?

UVM Logo Web I shared information in my last blog that Mentor’s OVM-EA starter kit could be downloaded and used by those who need to plan a possible move to, or use of UVM.  I pointed out that we uploaded to OVM World two contributions: (1) Mentor’s UVM-EA Starter Kit and (2) UVM-EA OVM Compatibility Overlay Kit.

While many have started to take a look at the kits, one use scheme I did not expect to come out of this was to convert their OVM code and run it with native UVM.  I had expected all experiments to use the OVM UVM-EA compatibility overlay instead.

But that raises the question: Should an OVM user go native or rely on compatibility?

Since Mentor Graphics continues to recommend that production design verification be done with OVM 2.1.1, we believe the OVM Compatibility Overlay kit will be crucial for UVM adoption by the OVM community if they wish to move to it in the future.  But our recommendations aside, there are examples of using the conversation script in the UVM-EA Starter Kit to translated OVM into native UVM.

The first I got wind of this was a tweet from @bakshia on how nice the sed script was to convert OVM to UVM.

Baskshia Tweet

More news on the conversion script came from Willamette HDL from a comment posted about my last blog.  They used the conversion script @bakshia mentioned to convert their OVM code to be UVM just as Mentor did to covert OVM to generate the UVM-EA.  WHDL ran the script on their training examples and labs and then tested them with the UVM-EA library.  “Everything worked perfectly.  Good Job!!” said Willamette’s Kurt Schwarz  If you visit the Willamette HDL website now, you will see they offer both Introductory and Advanced level UVM training.

If you are an OVM user, will you use a compatibility overlay scheme or would you prefer to go native?

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