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IEEE Standards Meetings in India

By Dennis Brophy

EDA & VLSI Standards Focus Meeting on 12 March 2010

 As part of its continuing program to reach out to global technologists, the IEEE Standards Association will be conducting a series of outreach sessions throughout Bangalore from 10-12 March 2010. The IEEE-SA will also visit key governmental agencies in Delhi this week as well.  While there is a focal technical point for each outreach session, the outreach sessions will address technical subjects in a general manner.

The use of IEEE standards in India, like IEEE 1800™ (SystemVerilog), is quite strong.  In a SystemVerilog Users Group meeting I participated in and blogged about last year, we had 100’s of users at both the Noida and Bangalore events participate.  Given the large number of users of IEEE standards to do electronic design and verification in India, it is fitting that the IEEE come and share the standards development process and update the community of users on the current status of many areas in a series of outreach meetings.

Not only are there a large number of users in India, many people in India contribute to the development of EDA standards as well.  It is also fitting that the IEEE recognize the importance of the large community of standards supporters and developers in India.

The EDA & VLSI standards focus outreach is scheduled for Friday morning, 12 March 2010 at the IBM’s Embassy Golf Links location.  There are other outreach meetings scheduled that cover Networking and Communication, Industrial Electronics, Power/Smart Grid, Academic research and standardization, and lastly, Security and Software standardization.  For more information about the other outreach meetings, click here.

IEEE-SA Open Seminar: “Global Standards at IEEE”

To begin the week the IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group will present “Global Standards at IEEE ” on Tuesday, 9 March 2010, in Bangalore, India at the Royal Ballroom, Leela Palace Hotel.

The seminar is a premier event for those in industry and government who are involved in the advancement of technology and interested to learn more about the global impact of IEEE standards. It will provide an overview of several technical areas undergoing standardization at IEEE, as well as illustrate how local entities can participate in and make use of IEEE’s standards and best practices.

Leaders from industry will provide their insight through presentations and case studies on areas such as smart grid, software life cycle, IEEE 802®, and electronic design automation.

If you want to attend any of the meetings, please register.  I look forward to see many familiar faces this coming week in India.

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