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SystemC (IEEE Std. 1666™) Comes to YouTube

By Dennis Brophy

OSCI Expands Use of Social Media to Promote SystemC

It is a challenge for the global SystemC community to participate in conference update sessions and regional user group meetings in person to keep abreast of the SystemC developments.  The OSCI website is full of information to help keep current on SystemC, but one often has to use a standard computer to access more advance audio and video content making it inconvenient.  With the advent of net-ready devices that are YouTube capable (televisions, DVD/blue-ray players, Smartphones, etc.) or social media aggregation sites like MobileTribe, OSCI has created a YouTube channel you can subscribe to where you will find short clips posted to share informational and educational sessions from recent technical conferences and user group meetings

An example of a  short discussion by John Anysley of Dolous on SystemC TLM 2.0 is offered here as a sample of what can be found on the SystemC YouTube channel.

While YouTube cannot substitute for the richer video synced with the actual slides presented that can be found at the OSCI website, like those for the 11th North American SystemC Users Group (NASCUG) meeting, it certainly offers a more convenient outlet to get information.  I only wonder what a family response would be to the question “Do you mind if I change the station to the SystemC YouTube channel?”  [Yes, I’ve watched me on full screen HD via YouTube, and it is convenient.]

If you would like to be alerted to new videos on SystemC as they are posted, you can subscribe to OSCI’s YouTube channel for notification.  Web-based video sessions from DVCon and DAC are generally made available to YouTube six months after first publication at

The SystemC Promotions Group, which I chair, will meet shortly to review promotional activities in 2010 and I anticipate we will continue to expand the use of web-based offerings to help bring timely information to more people globally.  Do you have a preferred way to learn about SystemC that we should know about?  Let me know and I will share it with the OSCI promotions group.

As OSCI promotion group chair, I thank those companies that sponsor global SystemC promotion activities for adding video content from select technical conferences and user group meetings this past year and for their continued support in 2010.

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