Live Webinar: Test Engineering in Today’s High Mix Electronics Manufacturing World

By Jeremy Schitter

Creating a scalable testing solution for high-mix production

Register for this live webinar on March 24 to learn how a single point of truth on a production line can help address testing challenges caused by multiple data preparation applications with different source files.

The shift to high-mix production has put pressure on all aspects of the manufacturing process, and test engineering is no exception. Test engineers today need to create reliable, debugged programs faster than ever before, but traditional testing methods don’t offer an automated, scalable solution. They usually require test engineers to analyze the design and determine how to best probe the board, and scripts then need to be configured to implement the solution that the engineer has painstakingly created.

To save time, testing engineers often provide general guidance and constraints, or they test groups of components or even the whole board at once. However, that makes it difficult to identify a specific problematic component or pin when a board fails a functional test. A skilled engineer is still required to identify and remedy the issue, which is not cost-effective and often creates bottlenecks.

To effectively automate the test engineering process, all test attributes need to be included with the data and the probes need to be placed to create outputs that machine software can use to finalize the test program. However, there are often multiple data preparation applications creating outputs for the entire line. At a minimum, they are split across SMT processes and testing, but it is not unusual to see up to four applications performing these tasks. Further complicating the issue, different source files are often used in each application resulting in a high probability of inconsistent results.

Learn how to test more efficiently

Our new webinar explains how to boost testing efficiency using a single application for all steps in the line, including testing. With a single application, manufacturers can create a digital twin that is a single point of truth for a specific product and mitigate the testing challenges of high mix production.

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