Virtual Tour: Real-life digital transformation in SMT assembly

By Nava Shayovitz

External pressure isn’t always negative—it often becomes the catalyst for innovation. For ICCO, an electronics manufacturer in Romania, the push to innovation came from a client requesting detailed real-time reports, something the company didn’t have the ability to provide using its manual data management system. ICCO knew that the only way it could meet the client’s demand was through digital transformation.

The need for digitalization wasn’t new. The company had been struggling with its inventory count, especially for parts that had to be counted frequently for safe production. Data input was done manually using Excel, including recording the produced boards during and after production. Reporting production issues was also manual, and no traceability data or reports were stored. The system was cumbersome, error-prone and labor-intense.

Opcenter Intelligence Electronics gave ICCO the solution it was looking for. The ICCO team now has a 360˚ site overview of their facility and can easily create and customize reports from automatically-collected data using convenient templates that are simple to export and share. Material ID (unique reel number) for the incoming material has simplified the inventory count. Even better, using automatic data management and smart analytics, ICCO has been able to reduce its error rate by >40% and save up to 20% of time needed for production, while improving both quality and efficiency.

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In the virtual tour of ICCO, you can see first-hand how the company:

  • Utilizes a robust, industry-leading technology stack for big-data manufacturing scenarios
  • Collects MES and IoT data covering process, material and quality
  • Gains rich OOTB functionality for box-build and PCB assembly
  • Easily creates reports and dashboards
  • Aggregates data on the enterprise level with multi-site architecture

Since using (smart analytics), we managed to improve the quality of our products. We have a better understanding of every stage of the manufacturing process and know exactly when, where and how to act in order to reach maximum efficiency.

Nicolae Pindaru – Executive Director ICCO EMT

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