Webinar: How to speed up NPIs with accurate, efficient quoting

By Tova Levy

Electronics companies are getting squeezed from every direction: under increasing pressure to get new products and customized versions out the door faster than ever, they also must contend with shrinking profit margins – which were already slim to begin with.

In the face of such complex market realities, smart electronics companies are migrating toward smart manufacturing – leveraging Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (Iot) for end-to-end manufacturing with peak efficiency, minimum waste, and maximum profitability. A fundamental element in this is the ability to quote quickly and accurately.

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Powerful solution to the challenges of quoting

Fast and accurate quoting is far from easy. With widely varying customer bill of materials (BOM) file types and formats, OEMs often find themselves wasting time and resources in cleaning the data and mapping fields before they can even start creating a quote. Validating components, ensuring each one is available for purchase and checking for accessible and less-expensive variants is extremely time consuming if not near-impossible. As a result, manufacturers end up with inaccurate quotes and problems with sourcing and production.

Siemens offers an easy to use, yet powerful solution to the challenges of quoting – Valor BOM Connector. Providing a single tool that connects procurement, engineering, and operations, it helps electronics companies avoid manufacturing mistakes by keeping all data synchronized and consistent.

Join this live webinar to learn:

  • The key challenges driving electronics companies to accelerate their adoption of smart manufacturing.
  • How market leaders use error-free manufacturing processing tools to boost performance, increase capacity while saving time and money for their company.
  • The benefits of a single, comprehensive platform that standardizes and harmonizes processes in procurement, engineering, and manufacturing.
  • How to quote efficiently and accurately by using fast online searches that reference your own specific purchase conditions to deliver best pricing.

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