digital twin of a car

Deloitte, Siemens and the Model-Based Enterprise: The Future of the Digital Twin

Today’s manufacturers must unite “siloed” digital twins in a model-based enterprise to create a comprehensive digital thread and maximize their potential.

PLM machine builders ETO and CTO

Teamcenter X addresses manufacturers’ challenges in an ETO and CTO environment

Cloud technology is changing the product development process and fundamentally impacting business operations. In a recent PLM Teamcenter X podcast, we…

smart factory digital computing

Building a modern smart factory – digital solutions and cloud computing

There are surging customer demands to reduce downtime and increase throughput in the manufacturing industry. Companies need assistance to deliver…

closed-loop manufacturing

Smart manufacturing and uncovering Closed-Loop Manufacturing – Transcript ep. 3

We have the privilege of speaking again with Rahul Garg, VP of the Industrial Machinery Mid-Market Program at Siemen Digital Industries…

smart manufacturing IT/OT convergence digitalization

The converging of IT and OT operations enable digitalization and smart manufacturing – Transcript 2

Welcome to the second Smart Manufacturing podcast episode in season two of this series. I had the privilege of speaking…

smart manufacturing

Building a smart factory – modern software in digital manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, there is a customer demand to reduce downtime and increase throughput. A company needs someone to…

smart factory using digital twin

Siemens and Deloitte Pave The Way For Xcelerated Reshoring

Overcoming Localization/Reshoring Challenges For years, manufacturing companies have moved more and more work offshore. Recently, that trend seems to be…

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Product Lifecycle Management for Machine Builders

Technology is changing exponentially on a global scale. To address this phenomenon, manufacturers must produce products in varying sizes, colors,…

smart factory

How to transition to a smart factory with Siemens and AWS

In an IIOT World article, they discuss companies’ transitioning to a smart factory to take complete advantage of the Industrial…