smart manufacturing and smart factories

Implementing smart manufacturing for a smart factory

In manufacturing, a smart factory provides everything within an arm’s each for improved layout and process simulation to achieve greater quality….

smart manufacturing digital twin

Implementing smart manufacturing – leveraging the digital twin

Implementing the digital twin in smart manufacturing integrates multi-disciplines in managing simulation to solve many issues….

Podcast series: Smart manufacturing (Part 4) – creating a smart factory

Innovative manufacturing techniques for smart factory operations….

Podcast series: Smart manufacturing (Part 1) – industrial-machinery

(Listen to the podcast, above.) The landscape of industrial machinery in manufacturing is seeing an innovative surge of technological advancements based on smart manufacturing. This is in response……

Hype and reality of additive manufacturing applications

Is your company ready for industrial-scale additive manufacturing? As a member of the Siemens PLM Thought Leadership team, we are joined by Robert Meshel, Siemens Director of the Additive Manufacturi……

How to forge a path to industrial digitalization

In the previous blog, How the digital factory made an eyewear company more competitive, I discussed the adoption of digital manufacturing and digital twin within a small company producing lenses for ……

How the digital factory made an eyewear company competitive

In 2015, the World Economic Forum launched the Digital Transformation Initiative. This initiative assessed digitalization’s impact on 13 industries, including automotive, consumer and logistics, and ……

Manufacturers: get ready for the algorithms

The latest biological research suggests that all animal life on Earth is best described as meat-based algorithms. From the fruit fly to the killer whale, animal behavior is the result of survival log……

Production systems engineering in future digital factories

By: Wolfgang Schloegl and Christian Heck
We’re now at a similar turning point like we were in 2000 when the first digital factory projects began. Now, the full potential of digitalization is withi……