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Siemens at Hannover Messe 2024 –  Experience the sustainable Digital Enterprise

By Nick Finberg

To meet emissions targets, overcome resource scarcity, and exceed customer expectations, businesses are steadily increasing their environmental consciousness.  Those set to succeed are doing so holistically: By combining the real and digital worlds, they remain competitive, resilient and advance their sustainability goals. They become sustainable Digital Enterprises.  

How do you start on this journey? At Hannover Messe, you can experience it live. We will show tangible and real transformation journeys in four industries – automotive, chemical, food and beverage, and semiconductors. Be sure to register today!

This year’s Siemens booth is all about accelerating your digital transformation to become a sustainable Digital Enterprise.

Keeping up with evolving sustainability demands and regulations in automotive 

The auto industry is rapidly transforming. Companies are under pressure to cope with major trends like electrified mobility, new regulations, changing investor expectations, and the ongoing push for connected and autonomous vehicles. As these trends are reshaping the landscape, companies must innovate and adapt their entire value chain. The answer to transforming an automotive company’s engineering, production, and supply chain is a successful digital transformation.  

Visit us to experience our holistic showcase, from design to sustainable production, including facilities and the entire supply chain. To bring the industry to life on the show floor, you will see interactive exhibits such as a transparent car model, virtual reality applications, a hands-on manufacturing example, and many exciting discussions with our experts and partners.  

Learn more about the automotive industry at Hannover Messe 2024.

Accelerating a sustainable value chain for Food and beverage 

Sustainability is a key differentiator to meet consumer expectations in food and beverage. New technologies are enabling manufacturers to provide transparency about the origin and processing of resources. And sustainable production methods make it possible to manage scarce resources, drive circularity, and provide more healthy food for a growing population. In addition, it’s critical to be flexible enough to quickly adapt to new consumer preferences, ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulations, and remain profitable.   

Entering our booth, you can experience end-to-end solutions for this industry. We will demonstrate how digital tools for product design, production, buildings, and infrastructure enable companies to decarbonize their operations and supply chains. You will see an indoor hops farm with renewable energy supply, batch control, building management system, AI-based label quality inspection, on-demand 3D printing of spare parts, and a glimpse into the industrial metaverse. 

Learn more about the food and beverage industry at Hannover Messe 2024.

Decarbonizing the chemical industry 

Chemical companies need to act now to decarbonize and achieve their net-zero goals. Digital transformation meets the demand for more sustainable products, overcoming resource scarcity, and building circular economies. This transformation journey also supports emission reduction in technologies that are needed globally: battery materials for EVs, refrigerants for heat pumps, epoxies, polyurethanes and lubricants for wind turbines, and solvents for semiconductors. 

Visitors will see firsthand how our approach enables chemical companies to become more sustainable with digital tools: how to leverage Digital Twins, address the energy transition, increase Carbon Footprint transparency, drive recycling and circularity, and implement smart energy and asset management. Come check out our exciting exhibits demonstrating intelligent material design, green hydrogen, tire recycling, and much more. 

Learn more about the chemical industry at Hannover Messe 2024.

Accelerating your sustainable value chain in the semiconductor industry 

The semiconductor industry is experiencing rapid growth, continuous innovation, and deep integration across industries. The number of chips in products is expanding, the complexity of design and manufacturing is increasing, and governments are pushing re-shoring efforts to bolster local chip production and reduce dependency on foreign supply chains. 

Our end-to-end solutions for semiconductors will be on display to demonstrate how semiconductor businesses can expand their digital workflows for sustainability. We will show visitors how they can integrate AI and Machine Learning into design and manufacturing processes to increase productivity, energy efficiency, and ultimately make informed decisions. Using Digital Twins and simulation technologies, they can virtually model, optimize, and identify inefficiencies prior to physical production, minimizing waste and resource consumption. 

Learn more about the semiconductor industry at Hannover Messe 2024.

All of our industry solutions are enabled by  Siemens Xcelerator, our open digital business platform. With Siemens Xcelerator, our customers can accelerate their digital transformation and become a sustainable Digital Enterprise easier, faster, and at scale. We hope to see you this year at Hannover Messe!


Go digital, become sustainable

Experience how ‘doing more with less’ is not just a concept but a reality – one that thrives on being digital-first. Holistic vertical showcases and industry innovations that support you on your path to net-zero and waiting for you.

Don’t miss out and visit us at #HM24!

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