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Diving into World Oceans Day 2022! 

By Erin Flory

What is World Ocean Day?  

World Ocean Day is an annual celebration of our big blue oceans. The project began in the early 1990s and continues to grow each year. With water covering 70% of the earth’s surface, conservation efforts are the forefront of World Oceans Day’s mission. The proposed #30×30 plan aims to protect our earth by 2030.

To achieve the 30×30 plan, individuals must contribute to conserving our waters. This can be achieved through: 

  • Spreading awareness with friends and family 
  • Participating in local beach cleanups  
  • Being cautious of what we put in the ocean 
  • Improving shipping methods through digitalization  
  • Donating on the World Oceans Day website  
  • Signing this petition 

Siemens protects our blue planet 

Protecting our blue planet means thinking sustainably both as a producer and consumer. Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software enables its customers to design with sustainability at the forefront of every decision. Innovative simulation design abilities are possible through Siemens’ comprehensive digital twin, offering sustainable solutions for our customers, allowing them to: 

  • Think innovatively. Digital simulation helps you create the unthinkable, without wasting resources. This improves sustainability and cuts production costs.  
  • Think visually. Simulation gives you the full picture. This can mitigate unforeseen consequences, especially those which impact the environment.  
  • Think efficiently. Digitally comprising only necessary materials will reduce overproduction and wasted resources.  

Our sustainable customers in action 

Nemo’s Garden  

Ever heard of underwater farming? Nemo’s Garden is the first submerged greenhouse allowing cultivation of crops. Because the earth has a limited amount of useable land to grow agriculture, the idea sprouted to capitalize on the ocean’s vast waters.  

Diver in underwater dome for terrestrial agriculture

With Siemen’s Digital Twin technology, Nemo’s Garden digitally configured the underwater environment. Simulation allowed the designers to visualize the environment, water movement and impact on the biospheres without physical work or harm. The ability to see potential impact on the surrounding environment has played a vital role in the production. Outside of the production process, the project continues to utilize Siemens technology to analyze plant growth in real time and monitor growing conditions.  

Read more about Nemo’s Garden and Siemen’s Digital Twin, visit a more in-depth blog here.  

Think #blueplanet 

Siemens continues to strive to produce sustainable products to help conserve our #blueplanet. Celebrate #WorldOceansDay today and every other day by thinking blue and taking action.  

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